With News Showcase, Google wants to ease tensions with the press

This Thursday, Google announced a billion dollar investment to support publishers via a new tool: News Showcase. A new turning point in the standoff between the Silicon Valley company and the press.

Google launches News Showcase and forges partnerships with news publishers. © Pixabay

News Showcase, the Google tool that allows you to display premium previews

Google boss Sundar Pichai announced in his latest blog post the release of the company’s new product: News Showcase. This tool allows partner publishers to choose the articles they want to highlight on the platform. The media will have an important visibility space where they can choose texts and images but also add bulleted lists or related articles. In this context, they will have total control over their layouts. Later on, previews should also expand with the ability to add audio and video.

And to do this, Google has announced that it is unlocking a billion dollars on a 3-year plan. The company wishes to remunerate ” publishers to create high quality content for a different online press experience ” as announced by Sundar Pichai.

Editors will be able to add bulleted lists. © Google

News Showcase will first be available on mobile (Android then iOS a little later), via Google News. Then, the tool will be available through Google Search and Google Discover (the format that offers content based on your preferences), on search engines.

This partnership, which has attracted more than 200 newspaper publishers around the world, has been available since yesterday in Germany and Brazil. The tool will then land all over the world: in Argentina, Canada, the United Kingdom …

More than 200 newspaper publishers have accepted the partnership. © Google

Tense negotiations on the side of France

In France, discussions are continuing. Indeed, with a standoff that has lasted for several months, especially after the implementation of neighboring law (which entered into force in July 2019), then the actions of Google, which simply refused to pay publishers, it is not not easy to find common ground. At present, no French publisher has entered into partnerships with the American giant. Sébastien Missofe, head of Google France, however announced that the arrival of News Showcase in France was indeed part of the ongoing negotiations.

Case to be followed with the Court of Appeal which is due to rule on October 8 on the subject of neighboring rights and Google’s obligations. The company itself is at the origin of this appeal to contest the existence of an abuse of economic dependence.

By deploying News Showcase, Google is clearly trying to ease tensions, especially with the European press.

What about non-partner media?

It is completely justified to wonder about the future of the articles which are not under partnership with Google. How to compete with content whose visibility seems to be widely promoted with Showcase? Will the user have access to research results that are as relevant as ever? The answers to these questions will surely arrive in the coming months.

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