With its Infinite Office virtual office, Facebook wants to revolutionize the way we work


The owners of the Oculus Quest will be able to create a virtual office to increase productivity.

Infinite Office, the office of tomorrow? © Infinite Office

Infinite Office: a new virtual office experience

This new tool will work with the Oculus Quest headset and allow you to create a virtual office space to work efficiently from any location. Concretely, Infinit Office will combine several customizable screens thanks to a flow of on-board cameras. Users will be able to switch between screens easily, and will have access to all the desktop applications required for their activities.

Facebook announced a partnership with Logitech so that certain keyboards are recognized by the Oculus and users can easily type in text while working in their virtual office space. The functionality of Infinite Office will begin to roll out this winter, the first versions will initially focus on individual productivity rather than group work.

An ideal tool in a context where teleworking is on the rise

A productivity tool like Infinite Office could prove to be really useful in a time of health crisis which is leading many people to adopt telecommuting. People working from home do not always have a dedicated office space, which is why creating an immersive work experience through a virtual reality headset could be a solution well appreciated by some “teleworkers”. It can also be a way to gain concentration in places with a lot of traffic such as an open space or a public place.

Facebook continues to grow in the field of virtual reality

Facebook Reality Labs aims to create tools that allow users to feel connected, anytime, anywhere. The latter continues to innovate in the field of virtual reality, announcing the launch of the Oculus Quest 2, an improvement of the original Quest headset, which will be less heavy (lightened by 10%) and with greater memory. RAM (6 GB instead of 4).

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