Windows 10X functionality could arrive in Windows 10 earlier than expected


Windows 10X functionality could make its way onto Windows 10 earlier than expected, with Microsoft preparing to let beta testers test the operating system on single-screen devices.

When it first announced Windows 10X at the Surface event last October, Microsoft introduced the operating system, codenamed “Windows Lite,” as an OS designed for dual flexible devices screen, like its own Surface Neo. However, in April of last year, Microsoft announced that Windows 10X would initially be for single-screen devices.

At the time, it wasn’t clear exactly what Windows 10X would do for traditional single-screen laptops and when it might be available, but a new report from WindowsLatest suggests that some of the main features of Windows 10X will be available for Windows 10 “soon

One of the first features of Windows 10X to come on single-screen devices, according to WindowsLatest. support for Win32 containers, allowing users to “virtually” run existing Win32 applications in a “sandbox” environment. Of faster Windows updates , touted as one of the main features of Windows 10X, will also be available for single-screen devices, which could mean that future full updates of Windows 10 will take less than 90 seconds.

The company also plans to set up a new system of trustfor single-screen devices, which will securely install signed codes and “reputable” applications on the desktop operating system.

Windows 10X, which will exist separately from Windows 10, is also expected to bring with it a new productivity-focused Start menu, a sleek taskbar, and dynamic wallpapers. It is not yet certain that these features will appear on single-screen devices.

Windows 10X release date

Although it is not confirmed when these features arrive on Windows 10, WindowsLatest notes that Microsoft will ‘soon’ let beta testers try these unique features of Windows 10X on single-screen devices.

However, Windows 10X should not be ready for mass deployment until next year. The first dual-screen Windows devices will not either. In addition to delaying its own Surface Neo until 2021, Microsoft announced in April that no other third-party dual-screen device will ship with Windows 10X this year either.