Windows 10 hits adoption record before May 2020 Update launches


Windows 10 has set a new personal best in world market share, with adoption increasing last month to further improve the lead over its predecessors and non-Windows platforms.

NetMarketShare data shows that Windows 10 was the top pick last month with a market share of no less than 57.83%, the highest since the operating system launched in July 2015. The second choice remains that of Windows 7, already abandoned, whose market share has dropped to 24.28%, while macOS 10.5 is currently the third choice with 4.39%.

Another notable achievement from last month is Ubuntu’s overall growth, since the Linux distribution reached a market share of 2%, almost double that of Windows XP.

Also noteworthy is the decline of Windows 7, as more and more users appear to be switching to other operating systems – not necessarily Windows, as Linux continues to grow and expand. Windows 7 has not been supported since January of this year, and users are now recommended to upgrade to an operating system that is still receiving updates and security fixes.

Windows 10 hit a new personal best just after launching the May 2020 Update, a long-awaited operating system update that brought many changes and features.

May 2020 Update

Also known as the 2004 version, the May 2020 update brings massive improvements, including the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2, or WSL2, which allows users to run Linux in addition to Windows 10.

The launch of this new version, with a full Linux kernel now available, could slow migration to Linux, although that remains to be seen in the long term. For now, Windows 10 adoption is on the rise, and that can only be good news for Microsoft.