What to do in Aveyron? Activities to discover


Each year for the past 3 years, we have had the chance to discover a new region of France (or Belgium) during the Travel Bloggers Salon. Much more than a fair bringing together bloggers and tourism professionals, this event puts a spotlight on very beautiful corners that we know little about. This year, therefore, Aveyron is in the spotlight.


I must admit, when I announced the location of the show, I had to ask my best friend Google where this little-known corner – for me – of France was located. It is true that Aveyron is still a little touristy region, and this is certainly due to its accessibility to perfect. But really, this should not slow you down to discover this region which is well worth the detour!

In a few days I could not see everything of course, but here is an overview of the many activities in the region, a little inspiration to know what to do in Aveyron!

Discover beautiful villages and monuments

L’Aveyron hides many small villages just as charming as each other. We find ourselves transported to timeless and beautifully preserved places. What I particularly appreciated was that the churches were often built high up, so that they stood out from the rest of the village for a postcard effect. This is the case, for example, for the collegiate church of Belmont sur Rance.

I also discovered the charming village of Saint Sever du Moustier which, in addition to its beauty and tranquility, offers unusual artistic activities. Are you intrigued? Take a look around here.

If you are a fan of old stones, do not miss the village of Sainte Eulalie de Cernon where you can find the seat of the Templars and Hospitallers, which dates back 600 years! I had the chance to discover this village on the occasion of one of the evenings organized by the Salon des Blogueurs de Voyage and for which we had the right to an exceptional setting and a historical reconstruction to get into the ambiance! Official site of Sainte Eulalie de Cernon.

I also discovered the Cistercian Abbey of Sylvanès, a listed historic monument. Its modest appearance hides a huge room with one of the widest naves in France. Its incredible acoustics can be enjoyed every summer, during the Sacred Music – World Music Festival.

To combine a cultural visit and a game, go to the Château de Montaigut, a magnificent renovated medieval residence. To discover the monument in a fun way, the castle organizes family treasure hunts or “Murder games”, a sort of giant Cluedo where we discover the different rooms of the castle while investigating a murder. Most ? Everything is done in period costume, for a complete immersion 🙂 And above all, remember to take a look through the castle windows, the view is worth it! Château de Montaigut official website

While strolling the region by car, you even come across little pearls during the trip. Impossible to give you the name of this small village, but the view is worth the detour:

Feel very small in front of the Viaduct

You can’t talk about Aveyron without talking about its famous viaduct (which is called Jean-Luc, for friends!). The Millau Viaduct is the construction of all records and superlatives : 2460 meters long, it is also the road bridge with the tallest pile-pylon assembly in the world, and its deck 270 meters above the Tarn, was the longest until 2013.

To see the Millau viaduct, you can obviously cross it by paying the toll (between 5 to almost 40 €, depending on the type of vehicle and the season, see all the info here).

But to take advantage of the viaduct in all its splendor and feel very small in front of this megastructure, the best is still to make a small visit to the Area of ​​the Millau Viaduct. The place is perfect for taking a little selfie, but as usual with the Travel Bloggers’ Lounge, we saw things big with a selfie for 500 people 😉

Feast on local specialties

The great specialty of Aveyron is of course aligot, a particularly light dish (hum, hum) composed of potatoes and sheep’s tomme. The result is like an elastic mash that you can stretch before eating. I really enjoyed this specialty!

Aveyron is also the country of cheese, and especially of Roquefort. Not being a fan of this parsley cheese, I refrained from tasting it but know that it is even possible to visit the cellars where it is aged, in Roquefort sur Soulzon.

The culinary stroll continues at the dessert department, which offers the famous spit cake. I had already tasted a similar pastry in Budapest, and for good reason! History says that he arrived in Aveyron thanks to the Napoleonic armies who brought him back from their campaigns in Eastern Europe.

Make your heart beat at 100 an hour with an outdoor sport

Aveyron is THE region for outdoor sports. Thrill seekers, you will inevitably find your happiness: parachute jump, bungee jumping, tree climbing, via ferrata, kayaking … there is something for everyone! Well, the great courageous one that I am preferred to do a softer activity but just as nice: the velorail.

The concept ? A platform installed on a railway that can hold up to five people and moving forward thanks to two bikes (and two brave people who pedal!). The activity does not require an enormous physical effort (in any case the downhill portion that I tested) and allows you to admire the Causses of Larzac, magnificent!

Explore nature

If you are a fan of the great outdoors, take a big bowl of fresh air and greenery in Aveyron! Mountains, plateaus, gorges, valleys … the region is full of wide open spaces. For this time, I discovered a rather incredible landscape … the Rougier de Camares. The Rougier is adorned with a magnificent flamboyant red color, so that it looks like a few thousand kilometers, in the middle of Colorado. The soil, composed of red argillites rich in iron oxide, offers an absolutely captivating color, especially in spring when a little greenery and yellow rapeseed give even more colors to this incredible landscape.

The Aveyron was for me a real discovery of a very pretty region and I will certainly return there to explore other Aveyron regions.

I leave you on these beautiful panoramas, hoping to have made you want to discover this beautiful region and to have given you some ideas for activities to do in Aveyron!

I would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank the team that organizes the Travel Bloggers Show (WAT, for friends) who, every year, strive to offer us an ever stronger, always more beautiful, always larger event. It’s a real pleasure to meet our blogging friends every year and to discover a new region of France. A big thank you to the WAT team 😉

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– Photo credit: photographer Nicolas Gomez for the giant selfie and pictures of the vélorail and Sainte Eulalie de Cernon. –

– A big thank you to Tourisme Aveyron for its warm welcome and its invitation to discover its department –

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