Ubuntu exceeds Windows XP, the next level is high


As mentioned earlier in the week, Linux continues to grow, more and more, and more and more, as third party statistics show that the adoption of this alternative to Windows is constantly improving.

However, of all the Linux distributions that users can try today, there is one that seems to be receiving more attention. And unsurprisingly, it’s Ubuntu, the Linux distribution that recently managed to overtake Windows XP and is now increasing its market share at a faster rate.

NetMarketShare figures for May 2020 show that Ubuntu now works on 2.11% of all systems, while Windows XP only accounts for 0.96%.

Although at first glance this doesn’t seem like a notable achievement, it actually is, as many have preferred to use Windows XP on older computers in an attempt to delay a larger hardware upgrade. But it turns out that some of those who don’t want to invest in new hardware have decided to switch to Ubuntu, and at the same time, get security updates and support for new features rather than staying with the old version of Windows.

Windows XP no longer receives security updates since April 2014.

Attention, Windows 8.1!

It goes without saying that Ubuntu adoption is also expected to increase in the coming months, although it goes without saying that there is still a long way to go before going beyond the new versions of Windows.

The next step for Ubuntu is Windows 8.1, which currently works on 3.04% of desktop devices, the same source said. If the same trend continues, the move could take place in two or three months, depending on the improvement in Ubuntu’s market share.

Windows 7 remains the second most used operating system on desktop computers with a share of 24.28%, while Windows 10 is the undisputed leader with 57.83%.