Todoist launches Boards to manage its projects like on Trello

Todoist Boards: a new way to visualize and organize your projects.

Todoist, the new Trello? © Todoist

Todoist turns into a project management tool

The reference tool in task management Todoist announces the launch of Boards, a project management service. This new feature is similar to Trello with a representation of tasks in the form of cards with different columns.

Boards aims to give Todoist users a different view of their tasks and to optimize the organization of projects. Your traditional to do list can now turn into a real dashboard. With one click, your to do list is organized by column, you can add tasks and move them easily by drag & drop.

These new boards can be useful for managing a professional team project, but also for managing personal projects lasting several weeks or months, such as a job search or the organization of an event.

How to transform your to do list into a board (Boards)?

All you have to do is go to one of your task lists and click on the 3 small dots at the top right and select View as board (view in table).

How to visualize your tasks in a table. © Todoist

The advantages of Boards

You can manage complex projects more easily, with an organization by column. This allows you to have a global view of what needs to be done, what is in progress and what has already been done.

You get an intuitive interface with maps and color assignments that optimize overall viewing. Only the name of the tasks is visible, which makes the interface clean. To access the subtasks, just click on a map.

By clicking on a map, you find your sub-tasks. © Todoist

Tables simplify collaborative work, you can easily assign a task to a member of your team. Once the task has been assigned, the photo of your employee is displayed at the top right of the card in question, which makes it easier to assimilate each person’s workload.

Assign cards to your employees. © Todoist

Todoist Boards are being rolled out to all users and should be available in the coming days. Note: Todoist leaves the possibility to switch at any time between visualization Boards and the original traditional list view.

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