The Google Stadia wireless controller is finally compatible with PC games


What is the point of a wireless controller if you can only use it with a wire? This may have been the question that came to mind of the early Google Stadia subscribers, who were forced to attach a cable to use the Stadia controller on something other than the blessed Chromecast Ultra. This issue ultimately became pointless, since the Stadia wireless controller to get rid of wires as soon as players play on a PC or laptop with a Chrome browser. However, Android users still have no other options.

To be fair, the Stadia controller works perfectly and as expected with Stadia’s main “console”, the Chromecast Ultra. They can use it on other Stadia devices, but only if they connect with the USB-C cable, which is not exactly the end of the world, but it breaks with the principle of Stadia which allows to play on any device on an equal footing. To its credit, Google has promised that it is working on it and it has just delivered the first part to its users.

Stadia players can now link their controllers directly to using a shared Wi-Fi connection. However, this is an indirect connection because the controller connects directly to Stadia’s servers rather than to the device, in order to minimize latency in data transfer.

This is also the reason why some users have been baffled by the fact that this feature was not available from day one.

Not yet on Android

Unfortunately, Android users still have to settle for hanging a cable between their smartphone and the Stadia controller. Sure, it’s not the only controller you can use to play, but it won’t be long before Stadia improves its accounting.

Support for the Stadia wireless controller on the web is just one of the latest updates announced by Google for its platform. Of course, this is also an opportunity to announce the new games that are coming to the catalog. These include Turing Test, Zombie Army 4: Dead War and SteamWorld Heist, all free games for Stadia Pro subscribers.