The future is now: Microsoft embraces AI for its information services


News services continue to play a key role in Microsoft’s long-term strategy, and Microsoft News in particular is a name the company relies heavily on to move forward. While the company previously boasted of using as many as 800 writers from more than 50 sites around the world to ensure that only the best news articles were written for its users, Microsoft is now turning to a new strategy which sees its current workforce decrease.

And what Microsoft would be doing right now is firing certain employees from various parts of the world, because Microsoft to replace humans with artificial intelligence.

In other words, workers would no longer be used to provide information because Microsoft would use AI for the entire operation. Some 50 employees are said to be laid off in the United States, while others in the United Kingdom are also expected to be. Employees are responsible for identifying emerging trends from publisher partners and optimizing content by rewriting headlines or enhancing accompanying images. Manual processing of articles resulted in clear and appropriate titles, while avoiding unreliable sources and highlighting content from smaller publishers.

Full-time employees performing the same duties will be retained, but all contracted news producer positions have been eliminated.

For many, this decision comes at a time that suggests that the reason is the current economic climate generated by the global health crisis, but Microsoft says it is not, suggesting that the increased focus on AI is what is driving the company to reconsider its approach to information services. “Like all companies, we regularly evaluate our activities“Said a Microsoft spokesperson. “This can result in increased investment in some locations and, from time to time, redeployment in others. These decisions are not the result of the current pandemic

The rise of AI

The artificial intelligence revolution has raised concerns that machines will dislodge humans from their jobs. In addition to journalists, other jobs are at risk of being lost due to artificial intelligence, including those of a lawyer, driver, customer service assistant and musician. However, there are ways for people in these professions to take advantage of artificial intelligence instead of fear it, including journalists who use artificial intelligence as a research tool, lawyers who spend time studying of computer science and musicians who use tools using artificial intelligence. At the same time, the development of AI has also helped make life easier for humans.

It remains to be seen whether this push for artificial intelligence is the right path to take in the long term, but it’s very clear that artificial intelligence itself is a more affordable alternative than many other companies could also to choose.