Sony plans PS5 event for June 4


According to rumors, Sony has confirmed that its next PlayStation 5 event (better known as PS5) will take place on June 4. With E3 canceled, brands are taking it upon themselves to introduce new products to solo users. Sony is not hosting a physical event due to the current pandemic and this week will preview the “future of the game” on PS5 from a live stream.

According to the official announcement, Sony declares that this display case will last a little over an hour and that it is only part of a “PS5 update series” Once this showcase is in the past, Sony says it “will still have a lot to shareFor PlayStation 5, suggesting that the revelation of the console will not take place next week.

There are few things as exciting as launching a new console. Although this launch path was a little … different, we are more than ever delighted to take you with us on this journey to redefine the future of video games.” Sony adds: “What is a launch without games?

So yes, we will see Sony touts myriad of PS5 exclusive games at June 4 event. Rumors suggest that titles announced at the PS5 launch will include Watch Dogs Legion (which was postponed earlier this year), Godfall, and annual updates such as FIFA 21 and Battlefield. An untitled Harry Potter RPG could also be an exclusive at launch.

The company seems to be taking a different path from Microsoft, which recently said that the Xbox Series X will support an older series of games, Xbox One and Xbox 360. It will even add ay fps and HDR support to thousands of games when they launch, which is great. The PS5 (or PlayStation 5) has remained shrouded in mystery for too long and it is still unclear whether Sony will present its console at next week’s event.

Some known specifications

So far, Sony has revealed the specifications for the PlayStation 5 and the DualSense controller. Mark Cerny, the chief architect of the PS5, has also talked a lot about the PS5 hardware, but beyond that, we haven’t heard much about the games that will be available on this console, and we don’t haven’t seen any images of the console itself. It has a custom AMD processor based on the Zen 2 architecture and clocked at 3.5 GHz, a GPU based on RDNA 2 with 36 computing units clocked at 2.23 GHz, SSD storage of 825 GB and M.2 SSD support for storage expansion.

As always, Sony will broadcast this event – apparently dubbed “PS5: The Future of Gaming” – live on official PlayStation channels Twitch and YouTube.