SEO study: the click-through rate of enriched results on Google


A study analyzes the performance of rich results on Google.

FAQs perform best in Google SERPs. © Thaspol –

The study conducted by Milestone Research analyzed more than 157 million clicks out of a total of 4.5 million queries on Google between July 2019 and July 2020.

A higher CTR on enriched results than on classic results

Rich snippets perform better with an average CTR of 58% against 41% for standard results. The average CTR of all first page results combined is only 49.5%.

The study also separates rich results with and without branded keywords. Results enriched with branded keywords perform better, achieving an average CTR of 59.7%.

Reminder on rich snippets: these are the results on Google that appear as an image, video thumbnail, carousel, FAQ or stars for reviews. These results are displayed using structured data configured on the websites.

An example of rich results on Google. © BDM Capture.

FAQs, the most powerful enriched results

Results enriched in the form of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) have the highest CTR (87%) and therefore obtain the first place in terms of engagement. Without branded keywords, the CTR of FAQs is lower but still reaches 76.9%.

An FAQ on Google © Capture BDM.

Video is also an efficient format

The thumbnail video previews that can be seen in search results also perform well with an average CTR of 61.1%. The majority of the video thumbnails that appear are from YouTube.

An example of rich video snippets. © Google

Unlike FAQs, videos get more clicks when there are branded keywords in the query with 65.2% CTR vs. just 49.9% with non-branded keywords.

The figures from this study confirm that it is relevant for brands to set up rich snippets on their sites in order to be more visible in search results and obtain a higher CTR. The study adds that the enriched results are interesting from an SEO point of view but also from a user experience point of view with easy access to information.

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