Dingra Kora – Santali Video Download| ATISH TUDU & ASHA KIRAN TUDU

Atish Tudu’s New Santali video song Dingra Kora

Watch the Latest Santali Video song Dingra kora sung by Atish Tudu and Asha Kiran Tudu. The Santali Video is 6 minutes long. It is presented by Mon Juri and is the pride of santal. The video starts with 3 boys traveling on a bike. IN another scene we se 3 girls in traditional Santali dress fetching water. When the boys pass by these 3 girls they suddenly stop and start talking to the girls. The girls pay no attention to them and continue on their task at hand when. Then one boy gets off his bike and starts helping the girl fetch water. They start singing a Santali song and dance