Salesforce Launches Meetings to Facilitate Video Business Meetings

To support the sales forces of its client companies in a post-Covid era, Salesforce has just announced several new features.

Salesforce adapts its tools to the health situation. © piter2121 /

A necessary adaptation to the current situation

The global Covid-19 pandemic has forced businesses to adapt quickly. The virtual has taken an increasingly important place in uses, whether it be for meetings, customer appointments or daily exchanges. Certain tools took the opportunity to see their audience explode, such as videoconferencing solutions.

Others adapt to meet the needs of their customers, as is done today by Salesforce, the world leader in CRM. The American brand announces several new features for Sales Cloud which should be available in the coming months. The stated objective is to help its clients’ sales teams adapt to the post-Covid era.

Salesforce Meetings, the virtual meeting tailored to business needs

The main announcement concerns the release of Salesforce Meetings, an online meeting management system that can connect to the most popular videoconferencing solutions like Zoom or Google Hangouts. Meetings provides a 360-degree view of everyone in the meeting before it even starts, including their purchase history, bio, or current business with them. During the discussions, the presentation and the participants will be visible on the same screen. Once the virtual meeting is finished, it will be possible to add information related to the people present on Sales Cloud, but also to automate certain actions such as adding contacts to the CRM, or sending certain documents or emails. . Salesforce Meetings will be available to select beta testers in October, and to all users in February 2021.

Einstein Video Call Coaching, a new feature in Salesforce © Salesforce

New features to support sales

At the same time, Salesforce announced three other major innovations which aim to support the virtualization of exchanges and the constraints imposed by the Covid.

  • Einstein Video Call Coaching : this feature uses automatic speech recognition and natural language processing to analyze the calls made and better understand their key moments. She is available for audio and video calls, and seeks to improve the business strategies put in place by understanding what drives sales.
  • Salesforce Maps Field Safety Kit : it will now be possible to view the places where the virus is present on a map, in order to make travel safer. A follow-up will also be present to help reduce the risks associated with physical appointments.
  • Enhanced High Velocity Sales: an update to this functionality is intended to help sales reps take better control of the entire sales cycle, and not just prospecting. Actions will be recommended to different people in the company depending on the role assigned to them, at the time deemed most important during the sale.

These three features will also be rolled out in February 2021.

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