Restore your faith in humanity

We are all born sensitive to love, kindness, and hope. As we grow, we discover that the human condition is sometimes tricky and hopeless and that men can be hateful, calculating, and cruel. However, we must resist the helplessness and cynicism aroused by an unhappy experience and continue to believe that human beings are capable of kindness and love. But, if you feel a little disillusioned about the future of humanity, here are some suggestions that will help you regain your faith.

See the property on earth

1 Spend time with the children. If you do not have regular contact with children, you will miss an opportunity to marvel at understanding the world through a vision full of innocence, curiosity, and creativity. Children are less likely to close their eyes or ignore injustice and problems. By devoting more time for children to listen to them and pay attention to what they are doing, you will start to forget your cynicism and become a playful and creative child again.
Children can dodge the complacency that adults use to excuse silly decisions, procrastination, and inaction. Besides, children are easily amazed by discovering the world around them and by creating original associations between ideas, people, and the world in general.
Take advantage of your presence with the children to recognize that at our birth, we were as pure as the angels, with no intention of harming or harming others. Generally speaking, it is wrong to firmly believe that human beings are cruel, petty, selfish and that they only seek to satisfy their interests.
2 Ask people to tell you about their happy memories. How many times have you asked those around you? However, people like to talk about what concerns them, what motivates them, and what makes them happy, but this topic is rarely mentioned during a conversation or interview.
It is essential to allow people to open their hearts to share their moments of happiness. This helps them express themselves in front of the people they love and who can encourage them to persevere. So you will see the bright, open, and happy side of the people you meet.
3 Emphasize stories full of kindness and virtuous actions. Every day, people do a multitude of constructive and comforting effects. Yet all of these efforts are overshadowed by the outrageous information the media prefer to disseminate. Likewise, we strive to read optimistic details. For example, you can subscribe to online news feeds that focus exclusively on encouraging stories. You can also follow in social networks, only friends and followers who have deliberately chosen to share the good news rather than the bad ones and who have regularly published enthusiastic comments.

Learn about the achievements of your favorite charities. Whether it’s the “Red Cross,” “Doctors Without Borders,” the local zoo or a charity, don’t hesitate to ask about their activities to convince yourself that people are actively striving to help their fellow human beings, protect the environment, rehabilitate land, care for animals and press the authorities to improve the living conditions and livelihoods of the people.
Ask your bookseller or librarian to give you books that tell incredible stories about the entrepreneurs who transform society while running their businesses. These people are striving to change the world and the way of doing business, especially in areas such as information sharing, making educational games, marketing fair trade products, producing eco-friendly items, and projects. to help people create small projects that benefit people in local communities. It is undeniable that social entrepreneurs are making considerable efforts to effectively change the world.

Generate recognition of others

1 Take time to help those less fortunate than you. You can act by taking an interest in people who are in a much less enviable situation than yours and who nevertheless continue to manage their daily lives with passion and courage, believing that staying alive is a reward in itself. You can help them, but they can also return the favor.
Instead of just reading articles on this category of the population, get more involved by volunteering to see clearly the difficulties experienced by others. For example, you could volunteer at a hospice, a hospital for children with an incurable disease, or a disaster relief center where people lost their homes and livelihoods.
However, despite your own difficulties, when you observe the courage and determination of those who are experiencing serious difficulties, you will more easily realize that human beings are truly admirable, resilient, and deeply aware. In this way, you will also be able to identify your own difficulties and not lose sight of them.
2 Think of the actions of people who generate deep recognition. If you are looking for reasons to be thankful, you will most likely find it in the actions people take on a daily basis. So the driver who was kind enough to give you up on the highway instead of speeding up, the customers in the queue, which allow you to access the checkout before them because you are less loaded, the candidate who helps you fill out a really difficult form or the foreigner who notices your tears in public and who kindly asks you to tell him about your concerns. Man is naturally good, but we tend to forget him easily.
Then there are the interventions of incredible heroism, like when someone helps you out of a crashed car, a man who dives to save your child from drowning or rushes into your burning house to save your pets. Whether the actions are small or large, write down what others are doing and celebrate the milk of human kindness. The extraordinary manifestations of this kindness appear every day so much that one is tempted to think that they are part of the routine of certain people or of their daily behavior.
3 Read the expressions of gratitude available online. So you will know how other people express their gratitude on a daily basis. You will regain confidence more easily by noticing that many people really strive to safeguard the beauty and the charm of this world and the beings who inhabit it.
These are just a few common examples. Type “gratitude testimonials” or “good news” in “Google” to access the wonders that occur daily in the four corners of our planet.
4 Maintain a list of people you admire. On your usual browser, start adding to your favorites the pages of people who inspire you by their actions. Periodically check for updates they make as the progress of their projects. Also, add the people who are no longer in this world. The efforts of the past are just as precious because they have allowed human society to evolve to be where it is today.
Mahatma Gandhi summed it up well by saying, “You must not lose your faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean. If a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean is not. Cruel and mean events happen every day, as do countless acts of kindness and joy.