Quarantine Food Calculator – Coronavirus

Quarantine Food Calculator – Coronavirus

This online calculator shows you exactly how much food your household needs to buy. Polish Ph.D. candidate and dietitian Joanna Michalowska created a calculator that tells you just how much food you need to buy for your household to last through a 14-day quarantine. Input the number of adult women, adult men, girls under 10, and boys under 10 in your household. .

Quarantine Food Calculator – Coronavirus

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How to food shop during a global pandemic?

It’s understandable that everyone wants to make sure that they will have enough food, as currently we are used to unlimited and continuous access to all products. It is ok if you want to buy a little bit more than usual, but please follow the recommendations below to do it wisely:

  1. Create a shopping list to make sure that you will get only the necessary products.
  2. Don’t buy everything you see – just because something is in stock, doesn’t mean you need it!
  3. Don’t follow and copy other people – just because others buy something doesn’t mean that you need it too!
  4. Be careful when purchasing perishable foods – check all the use-by dates and analyze if you will be able to consume everything. If your food goes off, you won’t be able to eat it anyway!
  5. Choose products with a long use-by date that will keep your body nourished. Wholemeal pasta, brown rice, UHT milk, seeds, grains, and legumes are good ideas.
  6. Don’t stock up on unhealthy snacks and sweets – you will eat all of them really quickly if you stay at home!
  7. Choose products that you will use up later, even if it turns out that your food supplies were not necessary. Don’t buy products that you don’t like or are allergic to just because they have a long use-by date and are available in the store.

Quarantine food calculator

You probably don’t need much explanation on how to use this calculator. It’s really simple – you need to type the number of men, women, and children in your household and the number of days you wish to stock up for. You can consider children older than ten years old as adults.

Please, note that it is really difficult to assess the nutritional and energy requirements for a child, as it depends on age, height, weight, and many other factors. The values suggested for children in this calculator are only approximate, and parents should decide how it is applicable for their kids.

Important websites

If you are looking for reliable information about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) use the following websites: