Our 10 most beautiful photos of New York


Ahhh New York… we fell in love with this city with a thousand faces of overflowing energy. Two stays a few weeks apart gave us an overview of the city and its main sights.

The camera did not stop crackling during these two passages in New York, with more than 1000 photographs in a few days, a madness! So we decided to make you a selection of our most beautiful photos, to give you an overview of our New York 🙂

Lady liberty

It appears as our boat approaches, and, like all the monuments we have dreamed of for a long time, it appears smaller in real life. It is not its size that impresses, therefore, but its symbolism and its history. Offered by France, imagined by Gustave Eiffel, it is the first American that immigrants arriving in the United States meet. A whole symbol, it’s really the link between the old continent and the new world.

New York seen from the sky

You only realize the immensity of the city from the height, and for that, nothing better than the Empire State Building. You have to stick together, especially at night and the sky is ablaze, but you quickly forget the crowd in front of the spectacle of the setting sun and the lights which, one by one, illuminate the city. I really took risks for this photo! Placed on the stone ledge to take a long break, my hand was so tight on my lens (for fear of dropping it) that it was my sun visor which made the angel jump to land some 380 meters more low.

The Skyline

We dreamed of it, and it takes shape before our amazed eyes: the famous New York skyline appears as the boat leaves the city, direction Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Walking through the buildings, you unfold the history of the city, from the most vintage to the most modern tower, they are all part of this cosmopolitan mix that is New York City.

One World Trade Center

First, it’s a place. A place dedicated to remembrance, where the still young oaks and the gaping pools remind us that not so long ago stood here the twin towers. Then it is an atmosphere, which oscillates between sadness, respect and resilience.

Finally, it is a majestic and majestic tower, which does not steal the limelight instead because it has the magic power to merge with the sky, to almost disappear.

A game of baseball?

What I like about Central Park is that it is a tourist attraction while remaining a place of life for New Yorkers. When taking a stroll on weekends, it is therefore quite possible to come across a small game of baseball with friends. We take our places on the small stands and we share a bit of daily life with these strangers who bring this park to life.

Face to face with the Manhattan Bridge

We weren’t looking for it, and it appeared in the mist. As is often the case with travel, it is these unforeseen moments that are often the best. We were almost alone under this steel monster, next to an early tai chi class and some joggers. A moment suspended in time, in a neighborhood where we live and where rare tourists venture.

The gentleman from Central Park

Under the arches of Central Park, right next to the Bethesda Fountain, you will certainly come across musicians who take advantage of the acoustics of the place to glean a few green tickets from passers-by. This gentleman is apparently a regular, and I was particularly touched by his voice and his involvement in his music. He manages to abstain from the world around him to give the best of himself, and create an atmosphere that makes you stop to listen to him.

On the Brooklyn Bridge

It is a must for any visit to New York, it is old and we like it that way: the Brooklyn Bridge stretches its 1825 meters of stone and steel between Manhattan and Brooklyn, offering a walk with beautiful points of view. It took a little while to take an almost empty photo of the bridge, as it is a very touristy place. But with a little patience we get there 🙂

Central Park (again!)

And yes, this is the third photo of this selection which comes from Central Park! The place is so large and varied that you can present all kinds of different shots. Besides, it’s a free activity in New York! Here is a more conventional vision of the park, compared to the previous photos, but which I really like because it alone represents all the romanticism that emanates from this place. The weeping willows, the lake, the boats … A couple of New Yorkers renting a boat at the time of the photo was obviously in first date, and that is perhaps what moved me.

Facing the Wall Street Bull

To see the famous Bull on Wall Street without the flock of tourists who constantly attack it (I never understood this logic, if everyone rushes on it, nobody will be able to take a correct photo!) early, very early. So it was barely landing in the city after our night bus trip that we left to meet the bull, at a time when New Yorkers in suits are hurrying towards the offices, a cafe Starbuck in hand.

Lo and behold, I hope these few pictures gave you a good overview of New York through our eyes, and above all made you want to discover the city! What is your favorite photo? We can’t wait to find out in the comments.

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