The Advantages of Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes

It used to be that women looking for a quick fix to their mascara disaster would head down to their local beauty supply store and pick up one of those cheap magnetic lashes. Or they might go online and spend hours shopping for the perfect lash-emulator that will give them the look they want with a few simple motions of their hand. But what if told that there is a much cheaper way to have the lush, long lashes of your dreams at a fraction of the price, and without the risky, difficult application? Enter: magnetic lashes.

Simply pop ’em onto your eyes as soon as you desire a bit more lash time simple as that… and they are ready to go in seconds flat! They work by putting tiny magnets under your eyelashes, which then attracts the natural moisture of your eye and tightens the natural lashes. It’s as easy as pie. And best of all these tiny magnets don’t damage your eyes or your lashes once you remove them – because they stay on the surface of your eye.

The magnets used to create magnetic lashes are tiny, so they won’t damage your eyelashes. They also come in many different colors to suit your eye shape and mood. Some people naturally prefer green, pink, or blue to help define their eye shape – you can choose the color that suits you perfectly, and there are even a wide variety of “natural” colors for those who prefer not to use eyelash glue. You’re almost certain to find the perfect pair for you.

Another great thing about magnetic lashes is that they’re completely safe. Unlike glue on eyelashes, the glue used to attach these lashes to your eye is safe and natural. There are no harmful chemicals or dyes used, and none of them are even inserted into your eyes. Even if you have an allergic reaction to glue, you’re unlikely to have any irritation with magnetic strips. They work just as well, without causing any irritation or discomfort.

If you prefer to use liquid liner, there are also no glue involved. Simply apply the liquid liner to your upper and lower lashes, and pull the strips out to make your lashes longer or shorter. With liquid liner, you control how long your lashes are, and you can apply as little or as much as you like. For a really cute look, you can even add a small amount of embellishments to your magnetic lashes, such as glitter or tiny beads.

You can wear magnetic lashes almost anywhere. The only place you should not wear them is over your eyes. The magnetism of these strips will interfere with your vision if they touch your eyes, so stick them out away from your face. If you do choose to put them on your eyes, you might consider purchasing a pair that will stick to your eye and then give you an even longer lasting effect by gluing them underneath your eyelashes. This way, you’ll have double magnetic lashes from the inside out!