Should I Wear Waist Trainers?

Waist trainers have become the new fashion trend for summertime. They look like a strapless corset with an adjustable fastening belt that you place around your waist. Instead of sitting down, you flex your abs and flatten your stomach to look slimmer and more athletic. It is very summery, yet very comfortable.

waist trainers

Waist trainers are designed to squeeze your abdomen in tightly and tighten your figure into a well-round hourglass shape. They resemble a corset, but with a modern, shorter-than-normal twist. The waist-training craze may be linked, in part, to famous celebrities avidly posting photos on their social networking profiles and enthusiastic promotions on the web. Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Garner have both recently posted photos on their social networking profiles wearing tight-fitting suits featuring their signature accessories – belts with dangling bell-bottoms. The appearance of these models and stars on the red carpet and in photographs has not deterred the popularity of these pants for everyday use.

However, the wearing of waist trainers can cause a surprising amount of discomfort. While they are designed to minimize breathing, some models can constrict the air flow around your body, causing an intense level of discomfort. The most common complaint from users is that the high-waist pants force the wearer’s stomach to be opened up and creates a gap between the stomach and torso. This creates a pressure point that increases airway resistance and can severely discomfort the wearer. Unfortunately, this type of discomfort is not limited to those who are wearing the tightest-fitting pants; it has also been described by users of other, lower-fitting brands.

Waist trainers can cause all kinds of health concerns. Because of the way they adjust to the wearer’s belly button, they can cause serious discomfort if a seam or some other part of the garment becomes undone. These garments are also made from very delicate material, like satin, which can easily rip, stain or even fall apart. In addition to this, many waist trainers require that the wearer use special, low-breathable fabric that can allow moisture to pass through it. Unfortunately, the majority of people who regularly wear these corsets do not wear them long enough to allow these fabric layers to stretch out and reduce air resistance, causing the discomfort. Many people who have purchased one of these garments have also found that they need to buy another one or pay for another similar item to resolve the original problem.

One of the primary complaints about waist trainers is that their restrictive nature makes it difficult to breathe properly while wearing them. Because of the way they constrict, airflow is restricted to a small fraction of what it could be otherwise. This can lead to increased stress in the chest area as the restricted air cannot get in. Increased lung capacity can also be a problem because the lungs do not receive the oxygenation that they would if wearing a regular shirt or pair of pants. The increased lung capacity means that you may feel tired or fatigued more quickly than you would otherwise.

A further issue that has been raised against waist trainers is that they leave bare patches of skin exposed on certain areas of the body, especially the stomach area. Although the majority of waist trainers are manufactured using fabric with an absorbent core, there are some areas of the garment that will still leave bare patches of skin, even after the garment is washed. Because of this problem, many doctors and health experts advise their patients to wash their waist trainers immediately after wearing them. Washing the garment immediately will help remove the absorbed fabric fibers and keep your skin dry and fresh. In addition, it will help to ensure that any stubborn stains or marks do not bleed or seep into the rest of your clothing.