Magnetic Lashes Is for You!

When the first magnetic lashes came onto the market decades ago, women all over were abuzz about the amazing effects that these lashes could have on the look and feel of their lashes. Although this initially led to the youthful actress who used the adhesive-on glue-ons to suffer almost completely swollen-shut eyes as a result of wearing the lashes, adhesive vera lashes are still in popular use even today despite their somewhat lower effectiveness. Adhesive lashes provide an excellent way for people to get the look they desire without having to worry about applying the lashes themselves. These lashes are safe to wear daily and do not irritate the eyes of the wearer.

Magnetic lashes

One of the primary reasons that women choose to wear magnetic lash extensions is that these extensions are able to last longer than regular mascara. In fact, some women who often wear false lashes to create the look that they want to achieve actually purchase several boxes of false lashes prior to their main wedding night because of the ease of application and the long shelf life that these extensions offer. Women who purchase regular mascara often complain that their mascaras or the false eyelashes that they wear do not stay on their lashes very long. Women who often wear makeup also complain that their mascara clogs their pores and causes their lashes to look matted as a result. Women who often wear falsies often complain that the false lashes fall off too quickly when they are in an uncomfortable situation such as a wedding or during a difficult exam.

Women with natural eye shapes also enjoy wearing magnetic lashes because it makes it less necessary for them to apply extra mascara to their eyes each day. This enables them to save money that they would otherwise spend on mascara, eye shadow, or eyeliner. The ability to simply toss the mascara tube into the storage compartment of their purse or pocket whenever they desire also contributes to the convenience of these lashes. Women who want to look great without having to spend a great deal of time applying false eyelashes or mascara will enjoy the ability to simply use magnets to add attraction to their eyes with the use of these fantastic accessories.