Magnetic Lashes – Get That Flawless Look!

A few short weeks ago, I was looking through some magnetic lash products and I found magnetic lash extensions. They were a new product from Radiance Smoothing Dotting, but they are really different than typical adhesive or fiberglass-based lashes. These extensions feel more like a real lash and they are a lot easier to remove – especially if you use the right remover. If you are considering Magnetic Lashes, then there are a few things you should know before you purchase them. This article will help you decide if Magnetic Lash products are right for you!

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Magnetic lashes come in two different forms: glue on false eyelashes and tapered false eyelashes. The glue on false lashes use a special glue that sticks to your eye’s surface. While the glue on false lashes is very easy to remove, it can take a bit of practice to master – it’s easier to remove traditional false eyelashes. These lashes use a “teeth-like” tool that sits under your lower lashes and pulls the false eyelashes out. Because the glue is “sticky”, it’s important to wipe off any stray glue after use, otherwise these lashes will become useless.

The other type of Magnetic Lash is the “tipped” strip lashes. The strips are not adhered to your eyelids, they slide down over your eye lashes and start to move up. Tipped magnetic lashes are very convenient, because you can use just one strip at a time. These strips generally come with two ends, but you can glue them together to make longer or thicker false eyelashes. Like the glue on false lashes, you’ll need to wipe off any excess glue after use with a cotton swab.

Now that you understand the basic ingredients of Magnetic Lash, let’s take a look at how they work. To apply the Magnetic Lash you simply follow the instructions on the packaging. Each strip has an end that matches the same end of each magnetic lash. Simply place your desired length of false eyelash, starting from the inner corner of your eye lash line, across the bottom of the magnet and applying evenly to your lid and lash line.

You’ll also need some tiny magnets to keep the little strips in place. You can get these at any craft store. Once you’ve applied the glue to your strip and spread it to your lid and lash line, place a single magnet on either end of the strip. The magnet attracts the glue, and the strip sticks to the magnet. Using the reverse side of the magnet, gently tug on the strip to remove it from the magnet. Repeat these steps to create as many sets of magnetic lashes as you want.

This method is a great way to create a dramatic look with your own eyes, and you don’t have to spend a fortune. The adhesive used for Magnetic Lash lashes is safe to use on all types of skin and does not irritate the eyes. It is also very easy to apply and there are no limits to the number of lashes you can get. You can create a dramatic look with this product, or simply let it fall naturally into your beautiful eyelashes. The beauty of the Magnetic Lash system is that it can be used over again, until your perfect lash is ready to be seen.


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