Are magnetic eyelashes good for you?

The short answer is that magnetic eyelashes are great for you. Magnetic lashes are extremely user friendly as they do not clump. Normal eyelashes are made up of very small coil of elastin and protein that sits between each individual eyelash, which acts as the glue that holds each eyelash to the skin, these normal lash extensions are prone to falling off. However, magnetic eyelashes stay in place and look as natural as possible.

Magnetic eyelashes are a perfect way to make your eyes stand out without having to put in as much effort or time as you would with traditional extensions. To avoid falling off, brush your natural eyelashes beforehand and prior to wearing the magnetic ones, then apply mascara on them to keep them in place.

If you want to change up your daily look but still maintain your standout and gorgeous style, magnetic extensions are best for you. Although these extensions are suitable for prolonged use, they are easily removable so that you can change your look every day. Moreover, the magnetic adhesive is reusable, which means you do not have to purchase another set when they wear out. The ease of use and impressive quality of magnetic lash extensions make them a noteworthy addition to your makeup bag. These extensions are best for anyone who prefers to have a fresh new look every day.

Before application of the magnetic lash extensions, curl your lashes first and subsequently apply mascara on them to keep them in place. However, do not apply too much mascara to your magnetic eyelash extensions because it will reduce their longevity. If your original eyelashes are heavy or wispy, just apply more of your natural eyelash glue to your top-lid lashes. Once you have applied the glue to your top-lid lashes, carefully run your fingers through the middle of each individual lash to gently apply them to your eyelids. Then attach magnetic lashes to your upper and lower lids according to the instructions on the packaging.

After your new magnetic eyelash extensions are in place, allow them to dry for a few minutes. Then, gently tug on your extensions while looking straight into a mirror to ensure that they are attached correctly. To remove your extensions, simply remove your makeup, gently pat your lashes dry and then wash your face. You should notice a huge difference in how your eyes look immediately after wearing these amazing magnetic eye lashes. 

The majority of people who extensively use eye lash extensions avoid traditional extensions and opt for magnetic extensions as traditional extensions and their application can make your eyes feel irritated.  This is usually because of the glue that is used to attach the traditional lashes to the eye. However, magnetic extensions are user friendly and leave you with a beautiful and naturally enhanced look. 

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