9 Best Magnetic Lashes December 2020 — Are Magnetic Eyelashes Safe?

Model wearing magnetic lashes

If you are like me, you too want beautiful eyelashes but don’t want to spend a ton of money every month getting eyelash extensions every month and hate the idea of sticking glue to your eyelids. Well what if I told you there is a third much better option: MAGNETIC EYELASHES!!

Note: I DO NOT get paid if you click on any of the links. These are just my recommendations 🙂

When I first found about magnetic eyelashes I wasn’t convinced. How will magnets stick to my eye? Are these magnetic lashes safe? But the scrolling through Instagram and looking at photos of queens with doe eyes, I decided to try magnetic eyelashes. On the internet there are hundreds of magnetic lashes ranging form 14$ to 200$, and by this point I have tried most of them if not all. Here are all the best Mag lashes you can get on the internet.

First lets get your burning questions out of the way.

Are magnetic eyelashes safe?

According to Dr. Cynthia Cobb at Walden University Magnetic eyelashes are a safer alterative to eyelash extensions and fake lashes that use glue. “Use magnetic eyeliner and lashes only on clean, dry skin. You’ll also want to wash your hands before touching the eye area to help prevent infections.” Dr. Cynthia Says. Even though magnetic eyeliners are safe to use for most people, in some cases people may be allergic to the magnetic eyeliner. Please try the magnetic eyeliner and check if your skin does not develop a rash.

How do magnetic eyelashes work?

How to wear magnetic eyelashes?

There are two types of magnetic lashes:

1) That use a magnetic eyeliner to hold the lashes in place. These lashes come with a special eyeliner that contains iron oxide. The magnets at the base of your false eyelashes stick to the eyeliner. To apply first put the magnetic eyeliner on your upper lash. Then use your fingers or a plastic tweezer to bring your magnetic lashes close to the eyeliner. The lashes will stick to the eyeliner. Now you can adjust the lashes to sit perfectly on your eyelids.

2) Sandwich type: These are generally cheaper and don’t require an eyeliner. These lashes use your natural eyelashes for support. To apply place the upper half of the false lash on above your natural lashes and the lower half below them. This sandwiches your lashes and holds on to them.

Okay now to the part you came here for.

Best magnetic eyelashes on the internet

1) Best Overall: The Doe Eyes magnetic lash

Magnetic Eyelashes

Buy them here

These lashes are ultra-natural and extremely easy to wear. If you are new to magnetic eyelashes or false eyelashes in general. These lovely things are so light you’ll forget you have them on. Put a little mascara on and you are good to go. True to their name the doe eyes give you a dreamy look. The eyeliner that comes with these is perfect. The magnet on these is super thin but gives you a great grip. What makes this different form other lashes is you can chose the length and density of the lashes. So you will get the look you want. Also did I mention you get 3 pairs in a pack. These magnetic eyelashes are reusable up to 30 times and come with a eyelash curler and eyeliner.

2) Best Dramatic Look: The Los Angeles Eyes Magnetic lashes

The Los Angeles Eyes Magnetic lashes
These lashes are available in 10 different styles

Buy them here

Okay they are super dramatic, and not in a bad way. These are perfect to nail that Instagram look. They are available in multiple variants so you can choose what would look best on you. They are from the same brand as The Doe eyes. These lashes are perfect for a Friday night out. If you want beautiful voluminous and expressive eyelashes with minimal effort and time, The Los Angeles magnetic lashes come to the rescue, as they are convenient in execution, reusable and comfortable to wear, suitable in any weather and all this without a drop of glue.

3) Best for Everyday wear: The Everyday Magnetic eyelashes

The Everyday eyelashes

Buy them here

These lashes are super light and discreet. Wear them all day without a care in the world. Personally I love them and they are very effective. If you are someone who like me has the worst lashes ever, these are for you. You can wear them every day and they last long. For me, a pair can last up to 45 days. The root line is very thin and fits perfectly on your eyelids. Just put a little bit of the magnetic eyeliner on and place the lashes on them. These Magnetic eyelashes will drastically change your everyday look. These look great without any makeup on and feel really light. They will last an entire day on your eyes. But don’t forget to remove them at night. Always remove your magnetic eyeliner and lashes before going to bed.

4) Best on a Budget: Ardell Magnetic Lash

Ardell Magnetic Lash

Buy them here

You have heard about these, you may have also seen them hanging on your local drug store. These lashes only cost you 14 dollars. That’s the only reason they are on this list. They are cheap and you can get them anywhere. But for 14 dollars you’ll only get just one pair unlike the lashes mentioned above. For about an hour, I tried different ways to put them on: with tweezers, and putting them between my fingers, and alternately putting magnets — all in vain. After that, I decided to cut them into 2 parts and got 2 pairs of magnetic eyelashes. With the cut-up ones, the situation has changed radically I was able to put them and they looked great that is until you look at them up close. These lashes sandwich your natural lashes so when seen from up close they look weird, kinda like braces for your eyelids. But if are planning on not letting people near you and like the convenience of picking them up from your local drugstore these are right for you.

5) Best Liner: The Lash Liner System Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash Bundle

The Lash Liner System Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash Bundle

Buy them here

We have covered all of this before, Reusable, light, easy to put on. Its like all the other magnetic lash but with better packaging. The problem is they cost 55$ for just one pair. So I will leave this one to you.

6) Best Sandwich Type: One Two Lash

One Two Lash

Buy them here

Ah! The company that started it all. Girls this lash kit comes in a fancy box(I like it). These lashes are pre cut and come with and applicator. You would think that would make them easy to put on. But these again are sandwich type. You’ll spend a lot of time just to get them on but the do look beautiful. The problem is you cant wear them more than 4 hours(or at least I can’t) they pretty soon start to weigh your eyelids down. They cost 69$ for just one set of lashes! Also you can’t wear them often as the will harm your natural lashes unlike the other products on this list. To remove them, you just need to disconnect the magnets — I just pull them apart starting from outside.

7) Best Packaging: Moxie lash Love

Moxie lash Love

Buy the here

The Box that this Magnetic lash comes in is love. You get 3 set of different lashes along with the option to either chose a liquid eyeliner or gel based one. In my experience I like the gel better, but it tends to finish up sooner. These eyelashes are great but they not as great as the box they come in. The eyelashes are extremely comfortable to wear and can be reused more than 30 times. The only problem is that bigger lashes do not stay on for too long. I would suggest you give these lashes a try if you have used Magnetic lashes before and are comfortable with them. Because at just over a 100$ they are a little expensive. Personally, they would have been my favorite if they were a little bit cheaper and had more designs.

8) Best Bang for the Buck: Ling Magnetic lashes

Ling Magnetic lashes

Buy them here

You can get them in a set of 5 or 10. They offer a lot of variety and are perfect for you if like to change your look. The lashes are thin, pleasant to the touch, light, soft. They are made of Mink fur that is pleasant to the touch and attached as if in bundles that mimics the natural growth of eyelashes. They look more aesthetically pleasing, some of the lashes are slightly overlapping each other each other — due to which the result is even more natural.

9) Best Colorful Lash: PINK RUBY CHEST

PINK RUBY CHEST Magnetic eyelashes

Buy them here

Okay I haven’t tried these but the people who have tried them say they are great, and they are pink. If you want something more colorful for Halloween and or if you like looking like a fairy give them a try. They cost 83$ and are available in multiple colors. You can use them up to 40 times.

Do magnetic lashes ruin your real lashes?

Not all magnetic lashes will ruin your real lashes but the ones that sandwich your eyelashes can. You can read more here

Are magnetic lashes good for beginners?

Yes magnetic eyelashes are great for beginners. Choose a product that comes with an eyeliner and a applicator or curler.

Do you put mascara on magnetic eyelashes?

You can put mascara on magnetic eyelashes. It will only make your look more beautiful. Mascara is also recommended with certain eyelashes that have visible magnetic strip.

How to choose the best magnetic lashes?

If you are new to the world of false eyelashes, it can be a little difficult to find the perfect product. That being said here are a few thing you can do to help:

  1. Go for Magnetic lashes that use an eyeliner to apply.

2. Find the perfect length. If you are unsure of what length you should get, go longer. They can always be trimmed down.

3. Go for a product that has at least 5 magnets at base for a superior hold.

4. Read online reviews and watch YouTube videos about the product you are going to buy.

Can you swim with magnetic lashes?

Even though it can be tempting to wear your magnetic eyelashes to the pool or the beach but it is not advisable to swim with your magnetic lashes on.

Edit: I have only included brands that are available in Canada, United States, and the United kingdom. If your country has a better alternative please do share it with me. 🙂

Magnetic eyeliner is used in false lashes to make them stick to your eyes. This eyeliner is safe to use and is made from FDA approved ingredients. You don’t have to buy magnetic eyeliner separately as it comes with most sets of magnetic lashes. Magnetic eyeliner is a far safer alternative to glue as it reduces the chance of allergies. One bottle of eyeliner will last you around 30–35 days. Replace the lid of the eyeliner properly as it tends to dry out fast.

The recent rise in the magnetic lashes trend

Magnetic lashes gained popularity in the last couple of years. It has especially popular in Russia, the UK, Canada, and India. The United States is still the biggest market for Magnetic lashes.

The most significant reason behind this rising trend is that magnetic eyelashes are inexpensive and safe to use.

Pros and Cons of magnetic lashes


  1. Inexpensive: Compared to getting eyelash extensions, magnetic eyelash cost-effective.
  2. Easy to use: Magnetic eyelashes are very user friendly and can be applied in minutes. So no more appointments at your salon.
  3. Durable: Can be used multiple times without breaking
  4. Safe: Magentic eyeliners are skin-friendly and do not harm your eyes


  1. Removing the eyeliner is a hassle.
  2. Eyelashes can be worn to a beach or around a pool.

What do beauty gurus think about magnetic lashes?

Magnetic eyelashes cost a fraction of the price of regular eyelashes and look beautiful. Even the synthetic eyelashes look like real ones. I am allergic to glue in eyelash extensions, so this product is perfect for me. I don’t wear too much makeup and magnetic eyelashes give me a natural look.

I Prefer the application of a liquid liner over glue as they give me a better look. Magnetic lashes keep super close to the eyes I can wear them all day without them falling off.

They stick to the lid and do not rest on your lashes. I get a dense, beautiful look. They come with the box with a magnetic stand to store the lashes. The applicator makes it really easy to put them on.

Great for the cat-eye look. It takes me 2 minutes in the morning to put the lashes on, and they stay on. Even in the gym, sweat doesn’t make them fall off.

Bottom lash is short and very light, so magnetic eyelashes are very beginner-friendly.

Tips for wearing magnetic eyelashes:

  1. Shape the eyelashes the way you want to buy cutting off the ends and trimming the hair.
  2. Keep Lashes in the box to make them last longer.
  3. Use magnetic lashes that are light.
  4. Apply mascara before you apply magnetic lashes.

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