Magnetic Eye Cosmetics – How to Avoid the Mistake of Applying Magnetic Lashes to Your Eyes Every Time You Wear Them

Magnetic Lashes

Contrary to popular belief, magnetic lashes do not actually “glue” your eyelids together. They do, however, keep your eyelids together and pull them as close as possible to your eye. The majority of these lash products have been clinically proven to provide improvements in your eyelashes’ appearance and feel. As always, a bit of research and common sense goes a long way. Most of these lash products, such as the famous Revlon mascara in particular, can be worn multiple times before your eyes become tired. There are also a variety of different names for these lashes, ranging from “magnet” to “volumizing”, so you may have come across some of these names as well.

Depending on which type of magnetic lashes you decide to purchase, you should know that they work by pulling the skin close to your eye, making your eye lashes appear longer and thicker. Relatively new when compared to traditional liquid or gel liner and mascara, magnetic lashes are considered safer by the major companies who sell these products as well. However, even though it’s true that magnetic lashes and eye makeup appear to pose very few side effects, that does not mean that they’re completely risk-free, particularly if you wear them incorrectly. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when trying to apply the lash product to your eyelid.

The biggest mistake that women make when applying magnetic eyelashes is that they try and force their eyelashes to look thicker or longer just by using their fingers. While this method will certainly make your lashes appear fuller, it will not make them stay on your eye-make no matter how strong you try. If your eyes begin to water, STOP your application of the product immediately. It’s best to wait until your eyelashes have dried before putting any other products on your eyelids. Otherwise, the magnets could pull the skin of your eye further away from your eyelids, possibly causing irritation.

The best thing that you can do to avoid this problem is to wear your magnetic lashes properly. If you are applying them every time you shower, be sure to remove them once you’ve properly cleaned your face. When you remove your fake lash, brush your teeth, brush your hair or use some other facial movement, your fake lash will come off with it. Also, if you spend a lot of time outdoors and plan on spending a fair amount of time in your car, make sure that you remove your magnetic lashes prior to returning to your home.

Another mistake that women make when applying magnetic eye cosmetics is smearing their lashes across their eye. This looks terrible and actually disrupts the natural curl in your eyelashes. One way to fix this problem is to only put a dime size amount of magnetic eyeliner on your top and bottom lashes. Then take a small dot of eyeliner and place it at the base of each of your lower lashes. To avoid smearing your lashes, try not to draw any circles around your eyes. You should also try not to apply too many lashes at once; this will make your eyes look much smaller.

One last thing that you should avoid doing when wearing these lashes is using mascara. Applying mascara to your eyelashes is tricky because it gets ground into them and makes them look blotchy. The best lashes kit does not contain mascara. To get the best effect, you should only use a water-based liner with this eyeliner.