Magnetic Lashes Is for You!

Magnetic lashes are a new idea that’s sweeping the internet. They aren’t really a long term solution though. So when magnetic lashes first popping up all across Instagram, was just curious. False eyelashes, you can simply click on and not the headache of applying glue or the high cost of having someone to put them … Read more How to Create Magnetic Lashes

Reviewers Love Magnetic Lash Strip, Liquid Liner, But Hate the Way They Fall Off?

Contrary to popular belief, magnetic lashes do not actually “glue” your eyelids together. They do, however, keep your eyelids together and pull them as close as possible to your eye. The majority of these lash products have been clinically proven to provide improvements in your eyelashes’ appearance and feel. As always, a bit of research … Read more Magnetic Eye Cosmetics – How to Avoid the Mistake of Applying Magnetic Lashes to Your Eyes Every Time You Wear Them