Netflix makes it easier to cancel subscriptions for certain accounts


Netflix is ​​trying to facilitate the cancellation of its service thanks to a new automatic message that will ask subscribers if they want to continue paying after a long period of inactivity, although you probably don’t have to worry about your own account.

Netflix is ​​a recurring subscription, which means that as long as there is money in the linked account, the subscription will continue to be charged and remain active. This is the case even if the user does not actually use the account, which can happen for several reasons: someone can forget their login information and create a new account without realizing that an old account is still active, the subscriber may have content offered by the platform, and more. This is where the Netflix account purge comes in.

On May 18, the company began contacting subscribers who have not used the service for two years (or within one year of their initial registration for new customers) to let them know that they can either keep their subscription , or cancel it during the next billing cycle. These customers represent a small number of Netflix’s 183 million subscribers, or less than 0.5% or a few hundred thousand customers. Cancellations will begin June 1.

We always thought it should be easy to sign up and unsubscribe “, wrote Eddy Wu, director of product innovation, in a new blog post. “So, as always, anyone who cancels their account and reinstates it within the next 10 months will still have their favorites, profile, viewing preferences and account details as they left them.

Currently, customers must go to their account and manually request the cancellation of their subscription. Now, if a customer is part of the small member base mentioned above, they’ll start seeing in-app emails and notifications this week, according to the blog.

A few hundred thousand customers

How does this initiative affect you? Netflix lists two situations in which they will report an account to be deleted: If someone subscribed to their account a year ago but hasn’t looked at anything, or accounts that haven’t looked at anything for more than two years.

Indeed, Netflix has said it will contact the account owner before taking this action, giving him a chance to confirm that he wants to keep his account active. If they don’t confirm messages that they want to remain subscribed, Netflix will automatically cancel their subscription.

The company has already factored these cancellations into its financial forecast.