Microsoft says it won’t quit Skype despite Teams’ success


The rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams, coupled with its increased consumer focus, was viewed by many as a mixture that would eventually convince Microsoft that it is time to drop Skype.

Microsoft created confusion and concern when it announced the recent growth of Skype, fueled by the pandemic. The platform has exceeded 40 million daily users, representing a growth rate of 70% from one month to the next. Meanwhile, calls between Skype users increased by 220%. Under normal circumstances, nobody would dream that Skype is at the end of life with these growth figures. However, when Microsoft announced that it would set up Teams for consumers, it made it clear that users could continue to use Skype for their personal communications “while waiting”. However, this does not mean that Skype is at the end of its life.

And although at some level it makes sense, especially since Teams already seems ready to replace Skype, the company says it isn’t. Microsoft Teams and Skype apps will continue to live side by sidejust like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp coexist these days.

This is what Jeff Teper, CVP of Microsoft 365, told VentureBeat, noting thatthere are no plans to abandon Skype at this time. “Facebook, for example, has multiple tools with Instagram, Messenger and WhatsAppSaid Teper. “All of these tools continue to develop. They worked to interact with them. They don’t force a migration from one of their consumer tools to another. This is how I see our playing field, at least in the short term. Teams has a very different flavor than Skype. It overlaps in the same need, just like Messenger and WhatsApp do it from Facebook. And so, we’re going to make them interact, but we’re going to keep showing love to Skype customers

And, Skype will continue to improve more and more. Ironically, one of the most important is interoperability with Microsoft Teamsbecause Microsoft wants users on both platforms to be able to send messages and make calls as if they were using the same service.

Interoperability between Skype and Teams

We continue to invest in Skype. It grows through it all. You will see new features. You will see Skype and Teams interact. As Teams settle into consumers and do more things, I think people will choose Teams. But, we are not going to be too harsh on this. People love Skype. So we are not going to get carried awaySaid Teper.

Microsoft acquired Skype in May 2011 for $ 8.5 billion, one of the largest deals in its history. The transaction was completed in October of the same year and since then Skype has been integrated into a range of Microsoft products, including directly in Windows 10.