Microsoft launches the first build of the 2009 version of Windows 10 to Insiders


The 2004 version of Windows 10 is now officially available, allowing Microsoft to continue working on the next feature update as part of the Windows Insider program.

Today the company delivered the build Windows 10 19635 to Insiders users registered to the “Fast” channel, and not surprisingly, this very first version comes with a fairly small change log. In other words, you don’t get new features or anything like that because the focus is on bug fixes and other small improvements here and there.

Two different enhancements should be noted, the first of which concerns mobile phone data, which Microsoft confirms does not work on certain devices. So, from this update, everything should work fine, although we can expect the number of devices that have been affected by this problem to be quite low. Microsoft also claims to have fixed an issue that caused the screen to keep flashing on certain devices. So from this new version, everything should work fine.

There are four known issues in this new version, all inherited from the previous version released by Microsoft in the Windows Insider program.

The Redmond-based software giant is currently planning to roll out the 21H1 versions on the “Fast” channel in June. So we should start to see new features at this point.

Few new features expected

Windows 10’s next feature update is planned for fall of this year. This new version, which will probably be the 2009 version (20H2), will mainly be focused on fixes and performance improvement, so the number of new features should be fairly low. This makes sense for the future, especially since the company used a similar approach last year when it launched the November 2019 Update, mainly with improvements under the hood.

The next big update for Windows 10 is therefore scheduled for the spring of next year, and rumors are that the first versions will start being pushed to the Insiders next month.