Microsoft Edge can now sync your extensions between devices


Microsoft has started rolling out an update to its web browser, Edge, which brings a much-anticipated feature: extension synchronization. With the latest update, Microsoft Edge can now automatically sync extensions between devices, which means you no longer have to manually reinstall the extensions individually with each new device.

This new feature was introduced at the same time as all of the improvements that Microsoft announced for Edge during Build 2020, and today it’s finally rolled out. The browser update v83.0.478.37 brings this new functionality. Basically, this means that when you install Edge on a new machine, your extensions will be automatically present. That’s great, especially for someone like me who often switches between devices.

Besides, it’s not the only feature Edge has. The update also brings some improvements to how collections work in Edge. In particular, you can now drag and drop content into a collection.

It’s very convenient and it makes collections more intuitive. The update also allows users to avoid deleting certain cookies when the browser is closed. So you can ensure that you will not be automatically logged out of websites.

In addition to supporting extension syncing, the latest version of Edge includes a host of other improvements. You can now exempt certain cookies from automatic deletion when the browser is closed (useful if you want to stay connected to a particular website), and Edge’s “Collections” function now supports drag and drop to facilitate backup of web pages and press clippings. The browser may also prompt you to change your profile if you are visiting a site that needs to be authenticated using a separate school or work profile.

Other expected features

While some of the functionality that Microsoft talked about in Build 2020 is now available, others are still missing. For example, the search function in the sidebar is not yet available. The integration of Pinterest with Collections is also not available.

The latest Edge update is already available, but it may take some time before it gets to you, so be patient if you don’t see it yet.