Magnetic lashes- Are They Safe?

We Tried Magnetic Eyelashes, And Tell You If It's A Snap — Or Not

From voluminous Mascara wand extensions to sleek metallic false eyelashes, there is no wonder why more women around the world are switching to magnetic lash extensions. With a range of new and exciting additions, magnetic-free eyelash kits are fast becoming the most sought after beauty accessories. So are they safe?

Mink lash extensions, also known as Magnetic Lash Extensions are one of the hottest beauty products nowadays. If you have not yet tried out this exciting new technique, then you are definitely missing out on something incredible. Forget about the glue and tape, magnetic false eyelashes are not made of this hazardous material. These amazing eyelash extensions are safe because they are made from the strongest non-toxic glue and mild metal polishes, so you can use them even in the office or at home.

Mink false eyelashes are perfect for adding drama to your overall look without looking completely unnatural. There are whole wide range of magnetic lash kits available at Amazon which include natural lashes in various sizes and shades, so you can easily find the size that will match your natural eye color perfectly. The brand is particularly popular among celebrities and has recently won several awards, including Product of the Year at the prestigious Global Beauty Awards held in Hollywood. The company produces all of its own products and has managed to combine these natural lashes with cutting edge design and technology. This is what has made it stand out from the rest of the market.

The amazing thing about magnetic false eyelashes is that the glue used is so strong that one set would last for months! Using just one set of lashes means that you need not worry about putting them on and off like you would with other traditional extensions. It is also easier to apply them as there is no glue involved. Simply place the lashes onto the correct area of your eye and carefully press down until they are well hidden within your natural eyelashes. Mink lashes are very soft and will blend in perfectly with your skin tone, making them look absolutely gorgeous! If you are someone who wears makeup every day then you know just how difficult it can be to find a set that won’t irritate your skin.

There are many questions that surround this topic and one of the most commonly asked questions are whether or not magnetic lashes are safe for everyone. The truth is that they are completely safe and will not irritate your skin whatsoever. One of the biggest myths surrounding false eyelashes is that they are made from tiny little tiny beads. These are completely false and are nothing but an extremely synthetic material which is used in many different make-up removers and even eye patches. So yes, they are safe, but they are far from the best quality!

The final question that needs to be addressed is whether or not you can wear one set of magnetic false lashes for a long time. The truth is that you can, but they are not one set, they come in many different lengths and are made out of a variety of different materials. Generally you can wear one for several hours before it is time to remove them and reapply them, depending on the type of lashes and the length of time you plan to wear them for. However, if you use them regularly you may find that you need to buy more than one set, so you don’t wear false lashes for any longer than absolutely necessary.