Linux continues to grow, and increased market share last month


According to new market share data, Linux continues to develop and if the same trend continues in the coming months, it’s likely to overtake Apple’s macOS and become the second most used desktop platform in the world.

While Windows remains the preferred choice for most users, its market share continues to decline, and Linux appears to be the one benefiting from this substantial change in usage patterns.

Specifically, Windows was running on 86.69% of the world’s desktop computers last month, while macOS was the second at 9.68%. Linux, on the other hand, secured third place with 3.17%.

Although at first glance Linux’s market share does not seem very large, it shows a continuous increase in recent months which, corroborated by the decline of Windows, narrows the gap between the two desktop operating systems. . In April, for example, Linux ran on 2.87% of the world’s computers, while Windows was the top choice with 86.92%. macOS represented 9.75% of the total share.

Needless to say, Linux still has a long way to go before it can overtake macOS and tackle Windows, and all of this will take time, no doubt.

Linux vs macOS vs Windows

But the more people try Linux and upgrade to the new version, the faster the platform will grow, so expect growth to accelerate towards the end of the year. The world of Linux is undoubtedly evolving, and almost everyone who is using Windows right now can find a distribution that meets their needs. But in addition to home users, businesses around the world are also discovering the benefits of transitioning to Linux, not least because they can lower license costs and better control the software they run on their devices.

It remains to be seen whether this trend will continue or not, but for now, it’s pretty clear that Linux is finally getting the love it has been waiting for forever.