Klein Curacao: excursion from Curacao Island


Curacao is a small island that is quickly traveled from North to South, from East to West. However, you should know that this little piece of land has a little sister with an even more confusing surface: 1.7 km2! That doesn’t mean you have to go your way! In the same way that Curacao is full of activities, the aptly named Klein Curacao (Little Curacao for those who have not done German LV2) is worth a detour and even constitutes a must-do for in the preparations for your trip to Curacao . Do you have your swimsuit, sunscreen, mask and snorkel? It’s time to head for Klein Curacao!

How to get to Klein Curacao

To get to Klein Curacao, located less than 30 kilometers from Curacao, you obviously have to take a boat. Unless you have your own boat in the Caribbean – but at this point you are probably spending your holidays on your own island – you will have to go through an agency dedicated to organizing trips to Klein Curacao. The market is mainly shared between Blue Finn Charters and Mermaid Boat Trips. This is the first agency we chose because the trip to the island is on a catamaran, which in itself is a small experience.

The day for Klein Curacao starts at 8:30 am at the Mambo Beach where we are waiting for the catamaran; a large catamaran even because we are about forty people to be on the trip. Once aboard the beautiful boat – she’s a beauty – we take place at the front, finally just before the nets that characterize this type of boat.

After some instructions from the very friendly crew, this is the start of a journey … hectic … of more than two hours …. You should know that to reach Klein Curacao, the boat must sail against the current and that day, it seems, the current was particularly strong. Very quickly therefore, after the very beautiful splashes, seasickness came and despite the captain’s wise advice, there were patients… well… Sharone and another passenger! Well, there were few who were clever and the whole troop was particularly delighted to see on the horizon successively stand out the lighthouse of Klein Curacao and the pristine beach.

So it’s somewhat turned upside down that we approach the small island, reassured by the promise of a return a little quieter but still not out of the woods because we learn that we have to swim to dry land.

What to do in Klein Curacao?

It is only after arriving on the beach – like Robinson Crusoes – that our visit to Klein Curacao can begin. Finally, we must already wait for our backpacks which join us by boat and brush us with sunscreen. The last precision is important because we very quickly realize that there is no shadow on the island whose scientific name could be magna solarium. After taking this precaution, you have to tackle the three things to do on Klein Curacao: take a look at a shipwreck, visit the abandoned lighthouse and swim.

The wreck of Maria Bianca Guidesman, a modest oil tanker stranded in 1982, is located opposite the beach on which we dock. After a ten-minute wander between the pebbles and the lizards, you are faced with a rusty carcass which is still under attack from the waves, more vigorous on this side of the island.

After some photos, it is already time to take the direction of the abandoned lighthouse, certainly, but in which we can stroll a little. The path to get there is quite impressive, with on one side an almost lunar and rocky landscape, and on the other a ground covered with perennial herbs in bright colors.

On the one hand the dryness of the rock …


… and on the other the colors of the herbs


View from the top of the lighthouse

Barely down from the lighthouse tower, it’s already lunch time! Once it is not custom, it was necessary to wet the shirt to be satisfied since it is necessary to swim again to join the boat where the festivities take place. On the menu: a barbecue (pork ribs, chicken) with various salads and accompanied by beers and other drinks. Note to vegetarians, it is possible to request a suitable menu at the time of booking.

Ten minutes of rest on the nets of the catamaran and it is already time to take a dip to reach the mainland, finally only temporarily because it is only to take the equipment necessary for snorkling, last activity to do on Klein Curacao.

Let’s make it clear from the start, it’s a bit special snorkling: no impressive cloud of fish on the horizon – no corals required – but the possibility of observing sea turtles that have become used to laying eggs on Klein Curacao and which therefore hang around the island. Well, we were not really lucky on this one because if some of our day-long comrades could see turtles, we doubled our luck: no turtle came to us (Sharone was furious ) and Maxime had a very very nice sunburn on his back by dint of swimming horizontally (Sharone was furious). Fortunately, in our beach tour a few days later, we were able to enjoy the company of turtles!

It is around 3 p.m. when you have to get back on the catamaran to join Klein Curacao’s big sister. Very quickly, you realize that the crossing will be much quieter: the boat sails using its sail, the speakers spit music sometimes Latin, sometimes Dutch, an open bar is open and we sit quietly on the nets … In about an hour and a half, we are back on the same beach in the morning, ready to return to Willemstaad for many other visits!

Little review by Klein Curacao

Frankly, when we were planning our trip to Curacao, we hesitated to leave for Klein Curacao. After all, the big sister already offers very beautiful beaches and it is true that the excursion is not given. But when we returned to dry land, we agreed that it is an experience to do when you visit Curacao.

Meeting at Klein Curacao gives a bit of an impression from the end of the world: the intense heat, the dry herbs that creak under our feet and the dozens of lizards that run away under each of our steps. This strange feeling of seeing the end of the earth wherever our eyes land, the island is so small that you can see the end of it, no matter where you are. A unique and unusual experience.

Plus, if you’re lucky enough to see turtles – which seems to be the norm – then it’s a pretty magical moment ahead. Finally, the trip with Blue Finn Charters is very pleasant even if a little seasickness is not to be ruled out: the crew is very friendly, the food is quite good like the open bar, and finally there is a real eco-responsible approach (reusable cups, no plastic dishes, etc.) which is very important to us.

Organize your excursion

Organizationally, here is a list of equipment to take with you for an excursion to Klein Curacao.

  • A swimsuit. For white skin, we even recommend an anti-UV T-shirt like this one to avoid sunburn. You’re going to be spending a lot of time horizontally underwater.
  • The holy trinity of sun protection: sunscreen, sunglasses and cap.
  • Shoes that can be wet and suitable for walking on stinging pebbles / plants. We took our indestructible Crocs flip-flops and our diving shoes.
  • A gourd to have fresh water available on the island. Our super HydroFlask bottle never leaves us!
  • Microfiber towel
  • Diving equipment. You can always borrow it on the boat but we advise you to come with yours, especially the full face mask perfect for snorkeling.

Photo and video tips for Klein Curacao

Photographer friends, a challenge awaits you. Go to an island without a shadow of shade at the worst hour of the day, in an arid and windy climate near the sea. A minimum of preparation should be done beforehand. Take a waterproof and compact photo bag because it will be carried by the organizers in a small boat to reach the coast. Sun visor and UV filter are essential, as well as a microfiber to frequently clean the spray. On the video side, a sports camera (Gopro style) will allow you to film the crossing without fear of being sprayed and to make some beautiful images both on the island and underwater.

Price of the excursion

This is the rub… the price of this excursion is really not given. Whether with Blue Finn Charters or Mermaid Boat Trip, you will have to spend USD 109 per person for a day on Klein Curacao. The price includes travel, food and drink (snacks, lunch, soft open bar and beer) as well as diving equipment. With similar rates, we advise you to book with Blue Finn Charters, which offers an additional catamaran experience and which adopts an eco-responsible approach.

And you, have you already gone to Klein Curacao? What do you think? Have you had another experience with a different agency? Tell us everything!