Is the Google search interface about to be changed?


Google plans to change the user interface of its search engine. Indeed, Google Search will switch to a Material Design with cards, a traditional element of this design style. As the people at 9to5Google have noticed, visual change uses cards to display search results. This helps to visually separate things in an application or page.

According to the report, the software giant is testing the layout of cards with a shadow effect. Although we already have cards on certain aspects of search results such as the knowledge graph, this test brings the layout of the card to the entire page of search results. As you would expect, when a site has multiple results, they are combined into a single combined card, which is certainly much clearer to understand than the current method of simply indenting additional results.

The new interface seems to be part ofa limited test at this time. The report says they were able to access it from a single device and I personally don’t have it on any of my devices.

In other words, we’ll have to wait for Google to make an announcement to find out if this formatting cards will be more widely deployed. Either way, this redesign will be a minor visual change that could potentially improve the user experience in Google Search.

Already existing on the mobile

It should be noted that this is not the first time that we have seen a card on Google Search. The mobile version of Google Search uses the user interface of cards for some time now. In addition, as 9to5Google points out, the search results by card were already spotted on the desktop in 2016.

Personally, I prefer the new design because it gives a modern perspective to the search results page. Which side are you on?