iOS 14: what to know before updating your iPhone


The iOS 14 update is released on September 16 to the iPhone.

IOS 14 update arrives today © Apple

Good news: Today, Apple is offering the iOS 14 update for iPhone. Installing the latest version of iOS provides access to new features. But before proceeding with the update, it is advisable to prepare your iPhone a little.

Check that your iPhone is compatible with iOS 14

Before considering installing iOS 14, are you sure your iPhone is compatible? The answer is yes if your iPhone is less than 5 years old. Specifically, all models since the iPhone 6s can use iOS 14, just like the first iPhone SE. You can therefore install iOS 14 if you have an iPhone SE, 6s, 7, 8, X, XR, XS, 11, as well as all the Max, Pro or Plus versions of these iPhone models.

Back up your iPhone data before updating

It is advisable to back up your iPhone data, for safety.

  • Go to your iPhone options
  • Tap your photo
  • Choose iCloud, then iCloud Backup
  • Tap Back up now

How to backup iPhone data with iCloud © Apple

If the automatic backup is activated, your data is saved every day, but it can be useful to make a backup just before the iPhone update. Remember to plug in your iPhone and turn on WiFi during the process. Good to know: You can also backup your iPhone data to Mac or computer via iTunes. Apple explains how to save its data on its help pages.

How to backup iPhone data to Mac © Apple

Free up space on your iPhone before updating

To be able to download and install an iOS update safely, you need to have enough space on your iPhone. If you have many apps installed on your iPhone, it may be a good idea to uninstall the ones you no longer use before installing iOS 14. Likewise, it is advisable to update all of its apps before downloading iOS 14 to maximize compatibility.

Remove unnecessary apps by long pressing their logo © Apple

See what’s new in iOS 14

Do you really need iOS 14? If your iPhone is compatible, you are advised to install the new version: new features are available. In particular, you will be able to benefit from a brand new library of applications, for easier access to your favorite services. iOS 14 allows you to add widgets to the iPhone home screen. The picture in picture mode is finally available, to watch a video while browsing on your iPhone. And that’s not all ! Find the list of new iOS 14 features in this article. Finally, it is recommended to install the latest version of iOS because it helps strengthen the security of your iPhone.

The iPhone update will be available today, probably in the evening.

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