iOS 14: how to change default browser and email application

Learn how to set up third-party browser and email client apps by default on iPhone and iPad.

Goodbye Safari and the default Mail app! © Nicole Lienemann –

The new version of Apple’s operating system for smartphones and tablets, iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, is available. Among the new features of the update, you can change the browser and native Mail application installed by default on your device to third-party apps. If you prefer to use Chrome, Firefox, Edge or DuckDuckGo instead of Safari, and use Outlook or Spark (while waiting for Gmail) to manage your emails, it is now possible with iOS 14.

Replace the Mail application with another default client

To choose an email client other than the Mail app configured by default on your iPhone or iPad, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the settings of your device,
  2. Select the email client you want to configure by default instead of the Mail application,
  3. Tap the new setting Default email app and choose the email client from the list offered.

The next time you want to send an email from your Apple device, when you click on a “mailto:” link, the email application will ask you to confirm the automatic opening of the link with the app you have chosen. . You will need to perform the same operation for each application.

Good to know: It is not yet possible to choose Gmail as the default email client on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 14 at the moment.

Choose a browser other than Safari on your iPhone

Don’t want your links from other apps to open in Safari? Here is the procedure to change your default browser in iOS 14:

  1. Open your iPhone settings,
  2. Select the browser you want to configure by default instead of Safari,
  3. Tap the new setting Default browser app and choose your new browser from the list offered.

As with your email client, you must confirm the opening of the link with the browser chosen by default the first time, for each application.

While many users have long been clamoring for the ability to change the default Mail client and browser set on an Apple device, other native apps could follow soon, like Clock or Weather, when developers adapt their apps to the new one. version of the operating system of the American firm.

Be careful if you have to restart your device …

If you want to install a new update on your device or restart it, a bug has been identified: the settings, which you saved to change your browser or your default email client, will no longer apply and your links will no longer apply. will automatically reopen from Safari. In this case, you will have to repeat the procedure to choose the browser of your choice and your email client in the settings of your device under iOS 14.

Likewise, if you uninstall the application from the browser selected by default (Firefox, Chrome, etc.), be aware that your links will automatically open again in Safari. No notification will appear asking for your confirmation.

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