Instagram: 10 tips for developing an effective automation and optimization strategy

Find out how to effectively manage your brand’s Instagram account.

The 10 points for success on Instagram. © Denys Prykhodov –

As part of a special week dedicated to community managers, we discuss good social media practices and the best tools to optimize the management of your social networks.

Managing an Instagram account takes time, which is why it is necessary to have the best practices and the right tools. The experts at Combin share with you their best tips for setting up a successful Instagram strategy.

1. Know your community

First crucial step: it is important to identify your existing community by asking yourself the following questions: what are the profiles of your followers on Instagram, what are their interests, on what types of publications do they react the most, etc. Getting to know your community then allows you to offer more appropriate content and generate more engagement.

2. Prepare careful and varied content

You need to post quality content that will really interest your audience. It is better to focus on creating unique content rather than publishing only content from image banks that are used by many other accounts. This obviously requires preparation of publications upstream, which will also allow you to vary your publications to avoid tiring your community.

3. Schedule the publication of your posts, stories and reposts

Going to Instagram every time you need to publish a post is time consuming on a daily basis. Tools like Combin Scheduler now allow you to schedule all your posts, stories and reposts at the desired date and time. Planning ahead allows considerable time savings and better content management.

4. Choose tools that promote organic growth of your account

It is advisable to only use tools that help you develop organic growth for your Instagram account. Beware of tools that can offer you to buy “fake subscribers” or bots. It is important to favor services that respect Instagram’s terms of use, and more specifically the daily action limits imposed, especially if you want to set up automated likes or comments.

5. Identify potential subscribers via hashtags

You have the opportunity to identify new potential subscribers through hashtags. By looking for posts with hashtags that are directly related to your brand, you will detect accounts that may be part of your core target. For even more precise targeting, you can search for publications by combining several filters with: hashtags, location, gender, language, number of likes or comments, number of subscribers, etc.

6. Detect targeted subscribers from competitors

What if you looked at your competition now? You will find people who are your target in the list of subscribers of accounts of companies or brands similar to yours. A concrete action to be carried out: find the list of a competitor’s subscribers and set up an automated task to automatically subscribe to the accounts that seem relevant to you in the list. Some of these followers will subscribe to your account in return.

7. Make sure to only interact with real accounts

To make sure that you like or comment on real accounts, you have the possibility thanks to tools to search by users by filtering by number of publications, number of subscribers, follow-up rate, engagement rate, etc. . This is necessary to avoid subscribing or interacting with accounts that are bots.

8. Communicate with your audience and show them interest

You also need to communicate with your subscribers: respond in a committed way to their comments on your posts but also like and comment on their publications. These actions strengthen your online presence in your community and create links with your subscribers.

9. Identify influencers who match your brand

Companies are increasingly using influencers to promote their brands because they have a closer proximity to their community and more easily capture attention. You can identify accounts on Instagram that can be ambassadors for your brand by filtering by keyword in the bio, for example, or by searching for popular posts from accounts on specific hashtags.

10. Analyze the performance of your Instagram account

Don’t forget to analyze the data of your Instagram account: growth rate (new subscribers), number of interactions (comments, likes, etc.), engagement rate, number of visits to your profile, etc. Analyzing your statistics will allow you to see the relevance of your actions and make the necessary adjustments to promote the growth of your Instagram account.

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