How to organize for light travel

How to organize for light travel

When it comes to packing your bags for travel, you should only take essentials instead of taking your entire wardrobe. Excess baggage slows you down during the journey and can be expensive if you fly. Fortunately, it is possible to travel light by reducing your luggage by being efficient and selective in the choice of clothes that you want to bring during your trip.

Method 1

Reduce your luggage

1 Take a few bags. The more bags you carry, the more massive your travel load will be. If you are only leaving for a few days, you can try not to take more than one suitcase or more than one backpack. Otherwise, take no more than two bags.
Do not scatter your belongings in several bags if it is not necessary. You travel better with a full suitcase than with three, and you can easily carry it.
If you are flying, try to store all of your personal belongings in a container the size of hand luggage. This allows you to get on and off the plane quickly without paying additional fees.
2 Use a small suitcase. Small suitcases or small bags force you to prepare adequately. When you go to buy one, choose a briefcase that can hold everything you need and then choose a suitcase or a smaller bag. Be more selective in your choice of things when packing your bag.
3 Take a light suitcase. Do not use a heavy bag, with a thick border, unless you are carrying expensive and fragile electronic items. Opt for a suitcase or bag with flexible and thin edges if you only bring clothes, shoes, and toiletries. Your suitcase will be lighter and easier to carry.

Method 2

Make your bag efficiently
1 Plan your route before you start packing. List what you plan to do: the restaurants you will be going to, the events you will attend, the attractions you expect to see, and map the use of your free time. Having clear plans allows you to know exactly what to take and not to sail on sight. Do not play guessing games or make assumptions.
2 Make a list of what you should bring. Make a list of things that will be useful to you during the trip: clothes, shoes, toiletries, or others. Make sure you stick to this list unless you remember something essential. Thus, you will be sure not to take unnecessary articles for fear of being caught off guard.

3 Pack your bag in advance. This saves you the stress of the last minute as well as taking unnecessary objects the day before by haste. You can start packing at least three days before your departure so that you can take the time to assess the items you need to bring.
4 Choose to roll up your clothes rather than fold them. Rolling up your clothes saves you space and takes a minimum of bags for the trip. By folding the clothes, you stack them easily, but you can get more space in your luggage by sliding a rolled-up shirt or trousers.
5 Limit the number of toiletries. Instead, use the shampoo, conditioner, and soap that will be provided to you in the hotel where you will be staying. Do not leave with your sunscreens, toothpaste, shaving cream, and other toiletries: buy them instead.
6 Choose a reduced format of your favorite products. Lacquers, lotions and facial cleansers in their usual format unnecessarily take up space. Look on the website of a pharmacy or beauty institute for small sizes of bottles for take-out products.
If you can’t find a product in travel size, buy a small reusable bottle and fill it with the product you want to take with you.