How to lower your fuel consumption?

Fuel prices keep increasing, and as a result, your purchasing power decreases. However, it is possible to spend less by reducing your overall fuel consumption. However, this requires changing your driving habits and implementing a number of practices. A technique, already old, is experiencing a resurgence in popularity: hypermiling. However, beware, because some hypermiling practices are illegal and extremely dangerous.Always fill up. If you have to take gas, always refuel. If you put it for 10 euros today, then 20 euros tomorrow, all these small savings will fly away, because you will consume more by queuing at the service station and, moreover, you will waste time. So, to save on fuel and not waste your time, refuel!

Do not refuel between two refills. It is wasted money and it is bad for the environment. Indeed, each time a pump is used, gasoline vapors are dispersed in the atmosphere. This fuel which goes up in smoke would be more useful if it were consumed.

Wait until you have an empty three-quarters tank, but no more! Thus, you will consume less, because the weight of the car is lower and therefore, you consume less. Another advantage: if you come across a station with favorable prices, it’s time to fill up! However, in cold weather, you run the risk of condensation in the fuel tank and this can shorten the life of the fuel pump.

Reinflate your tires cold (no more than 2 km of driving) and, if you have driven more, add a little more pressure. However, avoid hot inflation. Over-inflating a tire can cause the tire to burst and can cause uneven tread wear. Some petrol stations offer you to inflate your tires. It is very convenient, but watch out for automatic compressors which send a preset pressure. It’s up to you to control them.Use your GPS to find the fastest and shortest route to your destination. Avoid slopes and stops, you will save fuel.