How to fix iPhone on iOS 14 and Apple Watch issues on watchOS 7

Have you noticed problems with your iPhone battery or data loss on Watch? Discover the solutions to remedy it.

Users have noticed a loss of battery life since installing iOS 14. © Halfpoint –

Since the arrival of iOS 14 in mid-September, many people have found that their batteries are draining faster. On the Apple smartwatch side, users have noticed data processing bugs: Apple Watch does not save all fitness data and health apps sometimes refuse to open. Here is an overview of the problems you may be having and how to fix them.

A large number of problems seen by Apple

It is now obvious: Apple has recognized that the latest updates (iOS 14 for the iPhone and watchOS 7 for the Apple Watch) could cause a number of problems.

Moreover, the brand released iOS 14.0.1 only eight days after iOS 14. This new version addresses problems such as: resetting the browser to default settings for the e-mail service, the photo display bug or the bad display of News Widget. No change on the battery life side. Here is the list of issues that you may continue to experience on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

On your iPhone

  • Your old workout routes created from your Apple Watch are not showing in the app Fitness from the iPhone
  • Applications Fitness and Health do not launch or load your data on iPhone
  • Applications Fitness and Health do not indicate the correct amount of data stored on your phone
  • The data collected by the Apple Watch on the sound level as well as the sound level of the headphones are not entered in the application Health
  • Your iPhone battery drains quickly with iOS 14

On your Apple Watch

  • Health applications such as Activity and Heartbeat don’t launch or load your data on Apple Watch
  • The application Activity does not indicate the correct amount of data stored on your watch
  • The battery drains quickly

How to fix problems on iPhone and Apple Watch

If you are having two or more of these issues on any of your devices, Apple tells you to follow this procedure:

  1. Unpair your iPhone from your Apple Watch (open the app Watch > Click on My watch> All Watches> Press the info button of the watch you want to unpair> click Unpair watch)
  2. Create a backup of your device (open the app Settings > tap on your name then on iCloud> activate Health if it isn’t already> tap on iCloud Backup)
  3. Delete all content from your iPhone (open the app Settings > click on General> press Reset> Erase all content and settings)
  4. Restore your iPhone and / or Apple Watch with your backup (turn on iPhone then click Restore from iCloud Backup> open the Watch app> Click pair> click Restore from Backup.

In short, to fix your problems on iPhone or Apple Watch, you may need to completely reset your devices. If you haven’t installed iOS 14 or Watch 7 yet, it might be easier to wait for Apple to fix the bugs internally and review these recommendations.

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