Google Workspace replaces G Suite and brings together Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Meet …

Switching from G Suite to Google Workspace is more than just a name change.

Google Workspace includes Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet and Calendar. © Google Workspace

Total unification

Beyond the name change, Google Workspace is bringing a real revival to G Suite. Indeed, Gmail, Docs, Meet, Sheets, Slides and Calendar will now all be grouped together in Google Workspace, so as to avoid window changes all day long. Thus it will be possible to create but also to collaborate and communicate thanks to a single tool, Workspace.

The solution shows three major changes: a significantly enhanced customer experience with more effective collaboration tools, a new brand identity for Google and above all new solutions tailored to everyone’s needs. This new version is available now for all paid Google Workspace users, and it should arrive in the coming months for customers who work in education or plan to use it on a non-profit basis.

New cross functionalities

It is now possible to combine the functionalities of the different programs offered in Google Workspace, such as opening a Docs in Gmail and being able to modify it without having to open it in a new tab. Guest access, in consultation, is also possible in chats and drives, and it will soon be possible to collaborate on a document with guests in a chat room.

A ping system (@mention) is also available today, and it provides access to the details of the contact mentioned with a single click on the mention in the document. Remote group work is also made easier with the addition of video conference calls from Meet to Gmail and Chat. In the coming months, Docs, Slides and Sheets will benefit from this improvement.

A new brand identity for Google

This regrouping of all the productivity tools also implies a change of all the logos. Thus Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Meet and the other tools will see their icons evolve in the coming weeks. They will all be declined in the same graphic style in order to mark this unification even more.

This is what the different logos will look like in Google Workspace. © Google Workspace

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