Google Meet: prices and limits after September 30, 2020

The free version of Google Meet is still very interesting.

Google Meet is restricting the maximum meeting time starting October 1, 2020 © Google

The limits and features of the free version of Google Meet

Until September 30, 2020, meetings on Google Meet can last for 24 hours. From October 1, the maximum duration of videoconferences will be set at 1 hour. Another limitation of the free version: a video conference on Google Meet can accommodate 100 people. Beyond that, you must opt ​​for one of Google Meet’s paid plans.

Google Meet provides free access to these features: unlimited number of meetings, access from a browser, invitation of external participants, native mobile applications, live captions (in English only), screen sharing, content presentation and adjustable layouts.

Why choose the paid versions of Google Meet

If the free version is too small for your use, you can choose G Suite Essentials, the paid version of Google Meet at $ 8 per active user per month. The maximum meeting time is increased to 300 hours and the maximum number of participants to 150. Other G Suite Essentials interests include US or international phone numbers to dial, an alert center (security), and customer service.

Google also offers G Suite Enterprise, a paid version which extends the maximum number of participants to 250. It also allows live streams to be organized for participants within the domain – up to 100,000 participants, to record meetings on Google Drive etc.

The limits for the free version of Google Meet will be adjusted on October 1. As a reminder, Google had extended the possibilities of the free version of Google Meet during the lockdown to facilitate exchanges by videoconference.

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