Google lists products for free on the Shopping tab: how does it work?


French merchants can now take advantage of the free Google Shopping offer to offer more products online and reach more customers.

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After being launched in the United States last April, the free shopping tab sheets are being rolled out in France, as well as in all European countries, the Middle East and Africa. Concretely, merchants have the possibility of displaying their product sheets for free in the Shopping tab of the search engine.

The objective: to help retailers reach more customers to support the economic recovery. The free Google Shopping plan helps reduce the cost of displaying products in this tab and gives merchants the ability to promote more items available for sale.

How to benefit from free listings on Google Shopping?

If you are already a Google Shopping Ads user and have registered with the Merchant Center, which provides information about products available online and on its store, you do not need to do anything to benefit from this news. offer. The free files will automatically be displayed on the dedicated tab, at no additional cost.

For new users, all you have to do is create an account on the Google platform. To do this, you will need to enter a Gmail address and the items below:

  • information about your business, namely the country where it is located and its name, as well as that of your website and / or your store, if these are different,
  • the payment options you offer your customers to pay for their purchases on your site, on Google Shopping and in your store, when Internet users access one of your online product pages,
  • the management tools you use if you collaborate with a third-party platform to display, promote or sell your products on Google,
  • the options of your choice for receiving emails containing information, advice, best practices or even invitations to test new features.

These items are editable at any time in your Merchant Center account.

Better product exposure for traders

With hundreds of millions of shopping searches performed on Google every day, this new offer will help better connect merchants with their customers. Google Shopping’s free product listings, which were previously a paid service for businesses wishing to promote their products online, now offer greater visibility for merchants.

Google thus wishes to make the sale of products accessible to a greater number of companies, which will be able to combine the posting of free files online with their paid campaigns. Note that the price comparison services will also benefit from the free format of product sheets in the Shopping tab.

Twice the number of views by combining free listings and paid campaigns

After a few months of tests in the United States, Google notes that the free Google Shopping listings have notably made it possible to generate twice as many views for American merchants, by associating them with paid campaigns. They also recorded 50% more visits to their sites.

Google expects that from mid-October, the search results for this tab will consist mainly of these free listings. The American firm specifies that paid placements will always be available, even if the majority of the results will correspond to these new files.

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