Google launches training platform for developers

Useful resources to help developers build applications using Google technologies.

Google centralizes resources for developers. © Google

Google is launching a section dedicated to developer training. It can be accessed here: This platform brings together a lot of content allowing developers to learn how to use Google technologies. Previously, these resources were attached to each product: they are now centralized on this new site offered by Google.

Codelabs: learn how to create an application or a feature

Codelabs is available from the new Google platform. You access very specific courses on many subjects, to learn how to create an application or add a feature to an existing application. You can filter by category: Android, Assistant, Cloud, Data, Firebase, Flutter, Design, Maps Platform, IOT, Wear OS… and even find technical conferences from Google events.

© Google

Pathways: videos, articles and quizzes to assess your knowledge

The Pathways section provides access to courses with a variety of media: articles, videos and selected Codelabs. For the moment, few training courses are offered and most relate to the development of mobile applications and the optimization for Android 11. Quizzes allow, at the end of the training, to evaluate their learning.

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Topics: explore the content of the theme of your choice

As its name suggests, the Topics section allows you to explore selected content on dedicated themes: Python, Firebase, databases, Go, Google Maps Platform, Chatbots, Firebase … You have access to all articles, videos, experts and training on the subject.

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Master Google technologies and earn badges on your profile

Bonus: if you have a developer profile on, you will earn badges as you complete training and pass assessments.

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To go further: access training courses for developers on MaFormation.

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