Google Ads launches custom audience mix


This new feature allows you to merge affinity and custom intent audiences for your Google Ads campaigns.

Target your audience more in your Google Ads campaigns. © Google

Announced at the Google Marketing Live event last year, the American firm is launching the merger of affinity audiences and personalized intentions within a dedicated option: Google custom audiences. This solution, which is available to all advertisers in the Google Ads Display, Discovery, and YouTube campaigns, helps you reach your audience based on their interests and the topics they’re looking for. The goal: broadcast relevant ads to better achieve your goals.

Google custom audiences, how does it work?

When configuring a new custom audience, from the tab Custom combination in the Audience Manager menu, you can select:

  • the users with one of these interests or one of these purchase intentions, which correspond to personalized affinity audiences with keywords,
  • the users who searched for any of these terms on Google as and YouTube that match personalized intent audiences.

It is possible to extend the targeting by entering URLs, applications or places visited (video game stores, financial services, etc.) from a drop-down list.

The new estimate of your personalized audience will appear in the right column and you can use it in your Display, Discovery and YouTube campaigns. Please note that these personalized audience estimates are not available for mobile applications or games.

Google custom audiences, what is it for?

Custom Audiences allow you to target a single audience, regardless of your business goal, whether it’s awareness, consideration, or conversion. If you have previously configured Affinity Audiences or Custom Attentions, these will automatically migrate to your Custom Audience combinations without any additional configuration.

These personalized audience combinations also provide more flexibility and specificity in targeting your campaigns on Google Ads. They’re designed to automatically pick the right audience based on your bids, goal, and campaign strategy.

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