Gmail makes it easy to change the look of your inbox


Accessing the plethora of hidden settings in Gmail can be tedious, but it will soon get a little easier. Today, Gmail Launches New Quick Control Panel, which will make it much easier to see how changes to your inbox will affect how you view your emails without leaving the page.

Once this new update arrives in your account, it will activate automatically. While the full menu of existing settings is still available, these new quick settings in Gmail will change the layout of the inbox in real time, so users can see how each setting works.

Users with the new user interface will see a different pane when they click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Gmail web interface. This will include an option to change the density of the information displayed (between default, normal or compact).

It also allows you to choose which emails you want to have priority in your inbox. Another option allows you to add a reading pane so you can see the contents of an email without having to open it. Finally, you can adjust your Gmail theme from the Quick Settings menu.

You will still need to explore the full list of parameters if you want, for example, to do a vacation response for a while outside the office. Google has placed a link to all of these options at the top of the quick settings menu, and mentioned in a press release for this feature thatno new features are added to Gmail.

Deployment in June

It’s just a grouping of the previous features to make his messaging service a little easier to use. This will likely encourage people to experiment more with the options available – or simply to show users what is already there and which they may not have realized.

The best way to navigate your inbox is one of these very personal things, although many Gmail users are probably unaware that there are settings that control the user interface and that can cause it to vary considerably. Google says new quick settings for Gmail will be implemented for users of personal Gmail accounts and G Suite customers over the next month, and enabled by default.