Facebook makes it easy to mass delete old and embarrassing messages


Facebook is launching a new feature called “Manage Activity” which allows users to delete their old messages. It can be used to delete individual or bulk messages, and Facebook says it will offer filtering options to help find messages containing specific people or within a certain period of time. This feature will first be offered to Facebook’s mobile apps.

According to Facebook, this feature is intended to “facilitate your Facebook presence to more accurately reflect who you are today” For example, this suggests that someone might want to delete old content when they are about to start working full-time after college, or delete messages reminding them of an old relationship.

Facebook has been around for so long now that most of its users are very different people than they were when they joined the social network. They are older and (hopefully) wiser, and they are unlikely to want old Facebook messages to come back to haunt them.

To avoid this fate, Facebook has therefore launched the “Manage Activity” function, which allows you to delete old Facebook publications. There are several options for removing a message from the news feed. It can be sent to the trash, where it will be immediately withdrawn from the public consultation, but only permanently deleted 30 days later. (Messages can be deleted manually earlier.) It is also possible to archive a message, which means it is no longer public, but can still be viewed in private.

How to delete your old Facebook messages?

Once you have access to the “Manage Activity” function, you can delete old messages at will. Just open your activity log and click “Manage Activity”. You will then have the possibility of managing your messages, by classifying them in chronological order.

If the publication (s) you want to delete are recent, simply scroll down to find them. However, you can also use filters to refine your results. Just press the Filters button and filter your messages by category, date or people. All of these filters are self-explanatory.

Better late than never

“Manage Activity” is Facebook’s latest attempt to give users more control over their data. Last year, it finally launched its Clear History tool, which allows users to disconnect their web browsing data from their Facebook account. However, despite its name, Clear History does not delete this data; it simply removes the link between them and your Facebook account.

This is a good tool (although it is very late) that we would have liked Facebook to have launched years ago. How many people have lost their jobs or seen their relationships collapse because of old Facebook posts that come back to haunt them? However, better late than never.