Facebook launches Watch Together on Messenger


Watch movies, TV shows and videos with your friends on Messenger.

Watch Together is available on Messenger © Facebook

Watch Together, Messenger’s new video feature

Facebook announces the launch of Watch Together on Messenger. This new feature allows two users to watch the same video simultaneously. On your screen, you obviously view the video of your choice, as well as the face of the person with whom you are watching the video, to see their reactions live.

How to watch a video with others on Messenger

To access Watch Together, start by launching the Messenger application, then:

  • Start a video call on Messenger or create a Messenger room
  • Swipe up to access the menu
  • Choose Watch Together

You just have to select the video of your choice. Facebook offers a large number of videos, including movies and TV shows. You can also search for a video on Facebook, and even upload a video to show off an original creation.

Watch Together, how does it work? © Facebook

TV series and films available for free

In addition to the viral videos circulating on the social network, Facebook mentions the TV series Community, the film The Blair Witch Project as well as a collaboration with coach Melissa Alcantara for the launch of Watch Together on Messenger. Facebook specifies that access to Watch Together is completely free. A video session is limited to 8 people in a Messenger video call and 50 people in a Messenger room. The new feature is rolling out this week to Messenger’s iOS and Android mobile apps worldwide.

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