Facebook Ads: 28-day attribution window removed


Advertisers will now have to settle for a 7-day attribution window for their Facebook ads.

End of 28-day attribution model on Facebook Ads. © PixieMe – stock.adobe.com

End of 28 day attribution window for Facebook Ads

As of October 12, 2020, the 28-day attribution window for Facebook Ads will be reduced by default to just 7 days. In an official email to advertisers, Facebook explains that this deletion is a direct result of the actions of browsers that will be implemented regarding user privacy.

“Upcoming digital privacy initiatives spanning multiple browsers will limit the ability of businesses to measure people’s interactions between domains and devices. Among those limitations is the ability for businesses to attribute conversion events to an ad over longer attribution periods, ”Facebook says.

Facebook is probably referring to the Chrome browser announcements about deleting third-party cookies over the next two years.

What impact for advertisers?

Advertisers will now be able to attribute a conversion to a Facebook ad only within 7 days instead of 28 days previously. Those who have automated rules in place that are based on 28-day performance will need to update them as it could impact their budget and spending when the 28-day allocation window automatically changes to 7 days. .

Note: this change will also apply to the Facebook Ads API in a second step. The API will continue to provide attribution data for 28 days until browser limitations are officially active.

How does the attribution window work?

The attribution window includes the number of days between when a person viewed or clicked on an advertisement and when they took an action such as purchasing a product on your website for example.

The attribution model with Facebook Ads. © Facebook

The attribution window was previously set by default to 28 days by Facebook. It will be set by default to 7 days from October 12. Advertisers can also decide to reduce this attribution window to 1 day if they wish.

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