Extension Lashes

All of the extension lashes: costs, sessions, duration, and contraindications

All of the extension lashes: costs, sessions, duration, and contraindications

Extension Lashes: the cost, duration, contraindications, and everything there is to know about the lengthening of the eyelashes.

The extension lashes are a beautiful invention of beauty that allows all women to look beautiful without having to put on every morning mascara. How to treat the eyelashes is one of the priorities for all those who want to take a look sexy, or as they say… crazy!

Before jumping best in the topic and find out all about this practice of beauty, we must clarify that this is not a treatment is suitable to anyone: if you decide to do so, make sure you have already the base of the lashes healthy and strong. Otherwise, the glue used to attach them will cause you damage.

It is proper to make another premise: trust in expert hands and does not go in search of the absolute saving. We see, then, how does the elongation of the lashes!

What are the extension of the eyelashes: useful information

First of all, the lashes are applied thanks to the use of glue for cosmetic. The treatment is with the eyes closed and lying down, and usually to divide the upper lashes from below using a patch, in a way that will not be affected. Then we proceed to the application and with the help of a tweezers, the lashes are attached one at a time.

This particular way of proceeding is called the extension one-to-one, but there are also other techniques, such as the elongation of the eyelashes, and thickening eyelash extension eyelash 3d (which can also be 4d, 5d and so on). in this case, they are including a number of eyelashes in each range, which is applied to the place of attach one extension to each eyelash.

Finally, there is also the possibility to undergo the method the Russian, which is an extension eyelash 6d, which gives the maximum volume.

Extension lashes
Extension lashes

Extension lashes: how long is

The session lasts about 1/2 hour. The extensions last for about three weeks, and then, of course, are necessary and retouching, new applications, since these follow the fall of the natural ones.

The effect is really gorgeous and will no longer need to apply mascara! When the treatment is complete, the extension will give your face a wonderful effect, and will give you a look intense and penetrating, without the semblance of fiction that give the false eyelashes.

A tip: avoid using the face mask, so as to allow a greater duration. In addition, the extension to the eyelashes to the sea are ideal, definitely will last a little less time, but you will not have to use the waterproof mascara!

Extension of the lashes: prices and materials

To have eyelashes a dream you need to invest a bit of money. The first application has a cost that runs between 150 and 200 euro, but you can also get to spend 300 euro. Instead, with regards to the touches, you will spend from 60 to 100 euros.

What are the materials used to lengthen your lashes? There are two types of materials, those synthetic and natural ones like silk and the fur of mink. And that is also why the price may vary. The most widespread are the extension of synthetic, but if you opt for the natural ones have a reduced risk of allergies, itching eyes and irritations to the face.

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Extension lashes

Some speak of a link between damages and extension lashes: is that really so? We were just speaking of annoyances, itches , and anything else, but there is more. This treatment, in fact, it can bring no contraindications, especially in those who are subject to allergies to synthetic products.

Possible also of the consequences from the aesthetic point of view: over time, in fact, you may experience changes in the evolution of the lashes and this would make it difficult to brush their hair or give the‘desired effect.

Eyelash Extension: how it works and when to do it
From application techniques to duration, results and contraindications: everything you need to know about eyelash extension, the latest beauty trend launched by celebs
Every eye wants its eyelashes: customizing length and curvature is the first thing to understand when deciding to do eyelash lengthening. To explain it are Claudia Milia, owner of the Center Milanese Plumes dedicated to eyelashes and eyebrows, together with her sister Giorgia.

There are two different techniques for those who want to apply extension on the lashes, but there is a premise in common: “we need to natural eyelashes healthy for it, so we do not recommend it to anyone who has lashes that are too weak, and proven, and we are careful not to damage them with the application of the extension: the glue cosmetics should be used in small doses and only on the lashes strong and mature, not those just born,” says Giorgia.

Having ascertained that you can do it, there are two techniques to choose from, depending on your needs: stretching and thickening.

Stretch or classic technique: an extension is applied to each individual eyelash with cosmetic glue. The operation is done with closed eyes: a patch is used to divide the upper eyelashes from the lower ones (which are not touched), then with tweezers proceed with the application. After about 90 minutes, the result is dark, long and curved eyelashes, with a fan effect much stronger than that created by mascara, which is not recommended to use (also because it becomes useless). All for about three weeks, after which the touch-ups are necessary, because the natural eyelashes fall following their natural life cycle and so also the extensions. Warning: “Beware of extensions that last up to two months, because it means that an excessive amount of glue has been applied, which damages the eyelash”.

Bulking or volume technique: the way of application is the same, only changes the fact that instead of sticking a single extension, a fan of eyelashes is applied on each individual eyelash, with an extra voluminous effect. Length and curvature of the fan of eyelashes are decided according to the type of eye.

Different are the corrective powers of the two techniques, which solve the problems of hollow eyes, drooping eyelids or simply too small or too large eyes.

Contraindications: lengthening is not recommended, as mentioned, to those who have weak or proven eyelashes. In addition, the first time you do, you need to do a glue test patch at least 48 hours before treatment. Once done, it is not recommended to use oily products, which make the glue peel off first.

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How to thicken eyelashes is a theme that is close to the heart of almost all women and, in this regard, eyelash extensions are one of those beauty inventions to fall in love with in the blink of an eye. Why is that? They take away the commitment to put on mascara every morning (and to touch it up from time to time), because they give you doe eyes without that false eyelash effect that give false eyelashes (if not masterfully applied), because they have a therapeutic purpose, think about those who lose them due to diseases or chemotherapy cycles.

If it is true that eyelash extensions give you an intense look, even from makeup, it is also true that, before proceeding with this cosmetic treatment, it is good to know its pros and cons. Eyelash Extension, first of all, is a treatment that is made with different methods and materials. It goes from eyelash extension or eyelash extension one to one which consists in applying an extension on each individual eyelash with cosmetic glue (the eyelash extension glue is harmless and moisturizes) to eyelash swelling or eyelash extension 3D (4D, 5d, 6d… depending on the number of eyelashes included in each fan) which, instead of attaching only one extension per eyelash, provides for the application of a fan of eyelashes. The Russian method eyelash extension, finally, is nothing more than the 6D swelling or the maximum possible volume, for an exaggerated visual effect.

As for the material, the most popular for lengthening eyelashes are synthetic extensions while eyelash extensions in silk or mink ensure a better visual effect and minimize the possibility of allergies and discomfort.

Eyelash Extension, what to know

Eyelash extensions how long they last
If applying false eyelashes is not a definitive method, neither are eyelash extensionswith extension. Every 2-3 weeks you will have to retouch your eyelashes to replace those that you will naturally lose due to natural renewal.

Contraindications to eyelash Extension

The lengthening of eyelashes with extension can generate some contraindications. You can not talk about real damage from eyelash extensions but it is good to know that this practice is not recommended to those who do not have perfectly healthy eyelashes or are subject to allergies to synthetic products. In any case, it is essential to rely on experienced professionals. In addition, it is difficult to predict the evolution of eyelashes. It may happen that holes are created and you have to comb them to recreate the desired effect.

Another negative aspect of this treatment is the cost. If with eyelash growth your look will no longer be the same, the same rule applies to your portfolio. A session costs from 150 to 300€ while retouching is around 50€. As for the time, the sessions have a variable time from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the amount of eyelashes to be applied.