Establishments on Google: new services to convince customers to come to the store

New attributes are available on Google My Business to boost convenience stores.

This pizzeria allows you to eat on site, offers a contactless collection and delivery service. © Google

While the Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly changed consumption habits, Google is launching new features to help local businesses reconnect with their customers and thus increase their local sales, especially as the end of the holiday season approaches. year. The American firm is adapting to changes in consumer behavior, who better prepare their visit before going to a nearby store or restaurant.

A new attribute for real-time product availability

Google My Business allows you to add new practical and commercial information, such as the mention ” withdrawal later »On in-store product announcements. The objective: to inform customers about the availability of their stock in real time. This allows local businesses to promote their products, even if they won’t be available until a few days later.

Practical information for local restaurants

While information such as ” withdrawal in store ” or ” contactless delivery “Are already available on the platform, local restaurants now have the possibility to indicate to their customers the possibility of” meals on site “Or if dishes are” to take away “. Note that it will soon be possible to also provide information relating to retail sales, such as ” in-store purchases “Or the service of” collection at collection point »For shops.

These new attributes appear in Google search, Maps, the company profile page, but also on YouTube and even on display campaigns.

Marketing campaigns that adjust based on conversions

Among other new features announced by Google My Business, the smart auction system takes into account online conversions and in-store visits. They adjust to optimize its marketing campaigns, whether customers buy online or in a physical store. Google specifies that advertisers will soon be able to use the smart auction system for their in-store sales to generate additional sales.

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