Edit photos on mobile: the 3 best Android apps

Do you want to enhance your photos? We offer you easy-to-use tools on Android: Google Photos, Snapseed, and Adobe Photoshop Express.

Discover tools to edit your photos on Android. © terovesalainen – stock.adobe.com

Google Photos: simple tools to edit your photos

During its “Launch Night In” virtual event, Google announced a host of new features, including new features for Google Photos on Android. Find out how to use photo editor on this app.

The automatic retouching system

If you want to get a nice result without wasting time, Google Photos offers the automatic suggestions. The application is capable of proposing modifications such as “Improve”, which plays on all the settings to provide a quality rendering, but also “Color Pop” which plays on the colors. Other settings such as brightness, contrast and portrait effects are also suggested.

Google Photos offers “Color Pop”, a mode that changes colors. © Google

Manual editing in Google Photos

Google Photos also offers a new interface that makes editing your photos more intuitive. You can manually manage elements such as brightness, saturation, warmth, blur, white point, contrasts… Just scroll through the options and select the ones you want to enhance your photo.

Manual photo editing is intuitive. © Google

You can download the app from Google Play.

Snapseed: push tools that are easy to use

Snapseed is a complete photo editing app. You have access to 29 different tools and filters which allow you to access a large panel of possibilities for your images. It is possible to open JPG as well as RAW files.

Tools such as:

  • Alterations, the basic tool which allows the modification of various settings (brightness, contrasts, saturation, shadows, tones …)
  • Brush, which allows to modify zones in a targeted way
  • Correction, which can remove stains and other unwanted elements
  • Selective, the tool which proposes to retouch your photo in certain places only thanks to the control points to place on the desired area.

Filters such as:

  • Retrolux, which allows the addition of scratches, film renderings
  • Focus, which centers the photo on a precise object and blurs the background
  • Theatrical, which offers subtle retouching and innovative artistic effects

The Snapseed application to retouch your photos © Snapseed

The advantages of the application? The ease of use as well as the number of tools offered, apart from the filters that are found everywhere today. The tool Selective is also an interesting feature.

Find the app in Google Play.

Adobe Photoshop Express: retouching and creating photo collages

Adobe offers a free tool for photo editing on mobile: Photoshop Express.

The application offers quick retouching features that make it possible in particular to correct imperfections thanks to numerous adjustments: exposure, contrast, light and dark tones, whites and blacks, temperature, tint or even vibrance and clarity.

Photoshop Express also offers to apply Looks : pre-defined instant filters. You can also create your own filters and save them to apply them to other photos.

Finally, it is also possible to create collages quickly. Select the photos you want to use and choose the layout that suits you.

The application can be found in Google Play.

Make pretty collages quickly in Photoshop Express. © Adobe

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